Feb 22, 2021
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Gymnast Svetlana Khorkina surprised the jury of the “Mask” show with her performance in a Black Panther costume

05:12, 22.02.2021

Earlier, judges assumed that Olga Buzova was hiding under the mask of a wild cat.

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On February 14, the second season of the “Mask” show started on the NTV channel. Like last year, none of the viewers know which of the artists is hiding in costumes. In addition, the jury members, even before the start of filming, during the presentation of the project, stated that they did not know the identity of the contestants. Therefore, the second issue of the new season of the program, which took place the night before, surprised not only the audience, but also the star judges.

Philip Kirkorov in the show “Mask”

So, under the guise of the Black Panther, which intrigued all the members of the jury, was the two-time Olympic champion, gymnast Svetlana Khorkina. The fact is that the judges did not even foresee such an outcome – in the last issue they argued about who is hiding in a wild cat costume. Philip Kirkorov was sure that it was Olga Buzova, the rest of the refereeing was that it was Natalia Ionova-Chistyakova, known under the stage name Glucose. There were also versions that Panther is Julia Parshuta or singer Maruv.

Svetlana Khorkina was hiding under the mask of the Black Panther

As a result, all the judges were amazed at how Khorkina sang Glucose’s song “It’s Snowing”. When the athlete took off the panther’s fake head, the judges refused to believe their eyes, and Philip Kirkorov was especially amazed at this outcome. The jury members paid many compliments to Svetlana, surprised at her singing talent.

“Are you also shocked by the black panther mask? I was sure there was Glucose, but alas. Our company continues to investigate. If suddenly you recognized someone of the masks, write to the comments) “, – later told about her impressions in the microblog on Instagram Regina Todorenko, who is one of the judges (the spelling and punctuation of the author here and below are given without changes. – Prim. row.).

Members of the jury of the show “Mask”

Note that the jury continues to wonder who is hiding under the bright masks. They speculate that Alexander Buinov is hiding in the Banana costume, and Irina Dubtsova is imprisoned in the body of the Unicorn. We add that the Sun, Pineapple, Lama, Pink Panther, Hare, Crocodile, Snake, White Eagle, Tumbler were able to puzzle the judges. These masks were able to make the jury break their heads.

Recall that the show “Mask” is an adaptation of the South Korean King Of Mask Singer. The Russian project has become so popular that its creators filmed the New Year’s special edition of “The Mask”. On January 1 of this year, viewers saw both old masks and new ones: the Nutcracker, in whose costume Igor Nikolaev performed, Lera Kudryavtseva in the form of Herring under a fur coat, Alexei Yagudin under the mask of Mishka in the north and others.

Svetlana Khorkina

We add that in the first season of “The Mask” Karina Koks, Vlad Topalov, Stas Kostyushkin, Anton Lirnik, Anna Pletneva, Anatoly Tsoi, Larisa Dolina and other participants competed on the stage. The finalist of the TV show was Tsoi, hiding under the guise of Lev. The ex-soloist of the MBAND group passed all vocal tests, beating Larisa Dolina, who performed in the Deer costume. As a reminder, unlike the second season, not 14, but 12 contestants took part in the first.

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