Oct 11, 2021
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Gymnast Dalaloyan fell victim to obstruction

Gymnast Dalaloyan fell victim to obstruction

Still, in the modern world it is dangerous to go against public opinion. Peck!

See what happened to the Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics Artur Dalaloyan. And he just expressed a slight misunderstanding due to the fact that the Averin sisters were awarded premium foreign cars.

Dalaloyan performed a real miracle this year. In April, he received a complete rupture of the Achilles tendon during training. Instant operation – and skipping the European Championship. The doctors were encouraging: three months of recovery – and you can make it to the Olympics. But the forecasts quickly changed for six months, through which Arthur will only be able to walk normally.

The guy did not give up and trained hard despite the pain. Moreover, due to injury, he has already missed the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

“I started to struggle every minute even before I was put on the operating table. The next day after the operation, when I recovered from anesthesia, I immediately began to work. I started training in the ward, ”said the athlete.

Dalaloyan performed a miracle – he recovered for the Olympics and went to the platform. Without him, the very historic team “gold” that has been awaited for 25 years would have been impossible. And then Arthur also performed in the personal all-around – well, isn’t he a hero?

The other day Dalaloyan gave a gigantic interview, in which one of the questions was: “How did you react to the fact that Dina Averina was awarded a BMW X5 along with the Olympic champions, and Arina, who took fourth place, was given a BMW X3?”

“Do you honestly answer or cheat? Of course, all of this caused a stormy … Okay, I will not speak for everyone. I will speak for myself. My first reaction is a slight misunderstanding. On the one hand, the girls deserved what they received, – Dalaloyan answered, – and on the other, this is not entirely fair in relation to those athletes who are at the Olympics for some reason – due to bad luck, injury or controversial refereeing – in the prize-winners did not hit, went unnoticed. Unlike the Averins … For our girls, of course, it is very insulting. But … this is the decision of the judges. They don’t argue with them. And there are no random people on the panel of judges at the Olympic Games. In other words, I don’t believe in a conspiracy against Russia. ”

And what started here! Dalaloyan was immediately attacked with criticism from all sides. Deputy Dmitry Svishchev: “Incorrect on the part of a famous athlete. We love our gymnastics, we believe that there will be more victories. ” Irina Viner-Usmanova: “There are too many idiots in Russia. I don’t want to comment on the speech of one of them ”. Anton Golotsutskov: “Did Dalaloyan strain more than Averina? I am sincerely glad for her, even if they gave her two cars. ” Svetlana Zhurova: “Since there was an opportunity to reward Dina, then there is nothing to discuss here. It’s strange that a fellow athlete would react like that. ” Irina Rodnina: “I think this is bad form both on his part and those who are discussing it”.

Well, stuff like that. Only the head coach of the Russian national synchronized swimming team Tatiana Pokrovskaya supported Dalaloyan: “The gymnasts are great. They fought and won a very beautiful victory in the team tournament. Of course, they are offended. I think everyone should get what they deserve. That is, it is not entirely correct when a silver medalist is awarded a car as a champion. I always say: absolutely all Olympic medalists are heroes. But they need to be somehow differentiated. “Gold” is “gold”.

I work at the same base with the gymnasts. They are very serious workers. In this situation, I am completely on his side. A person has the right to express his opinion. Why insult him? Moreover, I am sure that Dalaloyan spoke not only for himself, but also for many athletes. “

But it is incomprehensible how the hero of the Olympics was instantly trampled into the mud when he simply expressed his personal opinion. Carefully, in passing, in an interview. After all, public justice is a terrible thing. But we live in such a time.

Stepan Stroyev.

Photo: A. Avilov / AGN “Moscow”.

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