May 15, 2020
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Gwyneth Paltrow showed how beautiful her 16-year-old daughter grew up

Gwyneth Paltrow congratulated her daughter on 16 anniversary on Instagram and showed her photos. 47 is a summer American actress and 43 is a summer British musician Christopher Martin can be proud of the beauty of the long-legged blonde Apple.

- I can’t believe that I really write it, but happy 16 - anniversaries, my dear girl. You are the light of my heart, you are my joy. You are very smart and you have the best sense of humor. I am incredibly happy to be your mom. I love our evening conversations when you tell me what is in your soul. You work hard to get what you want to achieve, and you have perseverance and responsibility in full. I'm damn lucky to be your mother. You are a beautiful, kind young woman. Thanks for choosing me. I adore you! I am very sorry that your birthday is held in such circumstances, but, as always with you, we will find the best in everything, - wrote Paltrow.

In the past, Gwyneth and Apple quarreled because the actress published a photo of her daughter without her consent. A year ago, the actress showed a photo with her daughter, where Apple poses in ski glasses. This outraged the girl.

- Mom, we discussed this. You cannot post anything without my consent.

- You don’t even see your face! - answered Paltrow.

According to The Guardian, Apple deleted her comment. After the conflict, the actress rarely publish pictures of her daughter. In the new photo, the girl poses in a white flower dress, with a finger in the band-aid.

Martin and Paltrow, according to the musician, agreed to leave in 2014 year. In this union, a son was also born, Moses Martin, who is already 14 years old. 29 September 2018 of the year Paltrow married producer Brad Falchak. Martin meets actress Dakota Johnson.


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