Dec 30, 2020
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Guzeeva’s daughter’s behavior angered the presenter’s subscribers

Olga, 20, behaved like a child.

Guzeeva's daughter's behavior angered the presenter's subscribers

Larisa Guzeeva, during her work on the pre-holiday shooting, was visited by her daughter – Olga, or as if the artist herself calls her – Lelia.

Relatives stood, affectionately hugging a friend of a friend, until Guzeeva had an interval between takes. When Olga saw that she and her mother were being filmed with a phone camera, she began to grimace. She stuck out her tongue and rolled a thorn.

This video is the host of “Hand over to get married!” published in his microblog. However, her subscribers were outraged by the behavior of 20-year-old Olga. Some found that the young lady was not educated, others even saw it went wrong in the behavior of the astral heiress.

“Oh, a little bit of education …”, “my daughter has an unintelligible behavior,” “everything is great except for the language,” netizens cast their eyes.

At the same time, Guzeeva herself behaved sparingly, only smiling languidly into the frame. She did not comment on her daughter’s act. After all, she supports Olga in everything, no matter what ventures visit her head.

However, some of the sighs of the host “Hand over to get married!” also sided with Olga. According to lawyers, the young lady was simply fooling around. Moreover, she is not that many years old.

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