Jun 25, 2020
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Guzeeva almost lost my husband! — World news

Guzeeva almost lost my husband!

The actress admitted that saved a family with a... the strict diet.

After a gap of almost happened due to the fact that the bride recovered.

Typing a decent supply of excess weight, Larisa Guzeeva at first I worried it doesn't look so hot.

The husband said that he likes everything. And then I began to notice: he's on my skinny girlfriends looks, - says the artist.

The conflict began because of jealousy. The case went to the divorce. And Larissa, to save the family, decided to lose weight.

- I have to admit that I can't do it to lose weight, she says. - This is my problem.

Guzeeva addressed in a special clinic, where she has developed an individual system of power, forced to do gymnastics, appointed rejuvenating treatments. And viewers immediately noticed that the actress looks prettier and thinner. It is time to be proud of this outstanding result. But Guzeeva proud of the fact that her husband was now on the side of not glances. Anyway, this for him, she no longer noticed.

- If the husband of Larisa Guzeeva looked at her girlfriends, then that's not a reason to panic, - says psychologist Saona Merican. - Flirt and flirt, does not mean to change and go to another. For many men (and women!) is the option to raise your mood and tone. And in this simple way you can add peppercorns in family relationships is to make him jealous, to show that, well, I have something I stand...

With regard to excess weight problems in any family start not when there is excess weight and when you go feelings. Or they initially were not. It is clear that the woman, sensing a decline in interest on the part of the partner begins to look for the reason in itself. But what distinguishes fat women who are happily married from those who believe that their love for the perfect look? The presence of self-confidence! Confident woman is a magnet for men, regardless of its size.

So if you decided to lose weight in order to keep her husband, first do your self-esteem. Believe in yourself, stop looking for the flaws, focus on the good qualities. Then decide to lose weight or is it not worth it...

Lydia Mezin.

Photo G. Usaev.

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