Apr 18, 2021
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Guy Ritchie’s film “Human Sin” was shown in St. Petersburg before the premiere

Guy Ritchie released Human Frenzy on April 22nd. However, in St. Petersburg the picture has already been shown – in advance.

Guy Ritchie's film

Jason Statham, the most important artist of his early works, plays the main role in the newly-minted film of the author of The Big Jackpot and The Gentlemen.

According to the script, he is a kind of mysterious guy who gets a job as a collector. It becomes briskly clear that the stranger is eager to take revenge on the murderers of his household and to find intruders among his colleagues.

Richie and this one showed himself to be a gangster movie actor. The canvas is very brutal, effective, dynamic.

Heroes are thrown around with biting phrases and act without delay. The director’s sighs should be satisfied.

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