Oct 21, 2021
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Guterres urged to fight for Afghan girls to go to school

UN Secretary General António Guterres, speaking at a meeting of the organization’s Security Council, called on the world community to defend the rights of women around the world, including the right of girls to school.

He noted that the situation with women’s rights over the past year has worsened in Afghanistan, Yemen, Myanmar, Mali, Ethiopia: they are being pushed out of public life, and opportunities for their education and career are limited.

The secretary general drew attention to the situation in Afghanistan, where girls, after the radical Taliban movement (banned in the Russian Federation) came to power, have been deprived of the opportunity to go to school for more than a month.

According to him, girls in this republic should receive education, and women should work and participate in public life, TASS reports.

The day before, a Moscow-format meeting on Afghanistan was held in the Russian capital with the participation of a Taliban delegation. It discussed the military-political situation in the country, humanitarian assistance and the formation of an inclusive government.

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