Apr 18, 2021
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“Gurgling – and not a single answer”: Lukashenko on Biden’s reaction to Putin’s question about the assassination attempt

Alexander Lukashenko revealed the details of the conversation between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. The Russian President spoke with his American counterpart about the assassination attempt on the leader of Belarus.

On the eve of Alexander Lukashenko announced that they wanted to kill him. According to the President of Belarus, the attackers wanted not only to take his life, but also were going to catch his children, “put them in a cellar” in the Gomel region. These actions were going to be carried out with the aim of seizing power in the republic. Old Man has no doubts: the top leadership of the United States is behind this.

The KGB of Belarus Ivan Tertel, in turn, said that the terrorist group had planned everything in detail and had already started the practical implementation of the plan. However, the attackers were detained. They turned out to be two citizens of Belarus: political scientist Alexander Feduta and lawyer Yuri Zenkovich.

Vladimir Putin asked Joe Biden about the impending assassination attempt on Alexander Lukashenko. However, the American leader, according to the President of Belarus, could not give a clear answer to his Russian counterpart.

“Gurgling – and not a single answer,” Lukashenko said about Biden’s reaction to Putin’s question.

Earlier, “” wrote about the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the Czech Republic. Prague has declared 18 employees of the Russian embassy persona non grata. Allegedly, they are officers of the GRU and the SVR and may be involved in the explosion at the ammunition depot in Vrbetica.


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