Apr 10, 2021
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Gurchenko’s granddaughter: “Only I know what was in Lucy’s will!”

Gurchenko’s granddaughter: “Only I know what was in Lucy’s will!”

10 years have passed since the death of Lyudmila Gurchenko. But until now, family feuds continue around the legacy of the film star.

Now the granddaughter of Lyudmila Markovna is trying to rewrite the actress’s dacha near Moscow, which went to her father.

After the death of Lyudmila Gurchenko in 2011, her daughter Maria Koroleva was legally entitled to a quarter of an apartment in Trekhprudny lane of the capital and half of a dacha in the village of Glagolevo near Moscow. Four years later, the widower of the actress Sergei Senin exchanged his part of the dacha for a share in the apartment, which now houses the Gurchenko Memorial Museum.

As for the dacha outside Moscow, then, according to the granddaughter of the actress Elena Koroleva, today the house is empty. She herself rarely goes there, but everything remains in it as it was during the life of Lyudmila Markovna.

– The house is intact, and these are two floors, one hundred and five square meters. And in my plans over time, too, to make a museum there. After all, all of Lucy’s things – furniture, dresses, dishes – everything is in the same places, – says Elena.

However, while she has more pressing matters: now the Queen is absorbed in litigation for inheritance with her own father, Gurchenko’s father-in-law.

– I want to get the apartment in which I live, another apartment that belonged to my mother, and the very dacha in which I am going to open a memorial museum.

It’s just that Elena believes that her father should not dispose of Gurchenko’s inheritance, and after the death of the actress’s daughter in 2017, everything went to him.

“Everything has dragged on with the inheritance,” sighs the Queen. – Because there are some forces that prevent the establishment of the truth. Of course, the inheritance was distributed unfairly and not in the way that Lucy herself wanted. Only I know what was in her will in reality! She loved not only my brother (Mark Korolyov died at the age of 16 from a drug overdose. – Ed.), but also me ….

Ivan Popelnyukhov.

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