Jan 28, 2021
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Guided tour of Putin’s apartment in Dresden

On Radeberger Strasse in the eastern part of Dresden, there is an inconspicuous six-story apartment building, in which Russian President Vladimir Putin lived with his family from autumn 1985 to March 1991. The new owner of the home is not too happy about the increased attention to his apartment, but he still gave a tour for journalists and spoke about his impressions of the meeting with the future president of Russia.

The Dresden apartment went to Vladimir Putin during his service in the KGB. This is a three-room apartment with a kitchen, a bathroom, a loggia and a basement. The total area of ​​the dwelling is 66 square meters.

The future president of Russia paid a rent of 58.90 German marks a month, another 9.80 marks the cost of hot water and 26.20 marks the cost of heating. Thus, the apartment cost 94.40 marks a month. The next owner paid the same price for it.

It was Jorg Hofmann. The man said that the Putin family made a good impression on him. Lyudmila Putina showed him the apartment. “There was dark Russian furniture everywhere, as well as aluminum wallpaper and a cream-colored carpet typical of the GDR,” he recalls.

Those moving out had difficulty transporting the washing machine. She was dragged by six soldiers at once. All in all, about a dozen servicemen were engaged in disassembling, packing in boxes and transporting furniture.

Nothing remained of that situation – 30 years have passed and the new owner has settled in the apartment in a completely different way. Nevertheless, the footage published by Bild makes it possible to at least imagine what Vladimir Putin’s housing in Dresden might have looked like when he was still serving in the KGB.

Jörg Hofmann is happy with his home and is not going to leave it. However, he admitted that he is tired of tourists who are trying to get inside, thinking that there is a Putin museum here. However, the excursion that the man conducted for the journalists was only a one-time action.


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