May 29, 2022
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Guf’s wife was photographed with a newborn baby


Rapper Guf took his wife and child from the hospital.

On May 26, the artist became a father for the second time – Yulia Koroleva gave birth to a child to the rapper. For a long time, the couple kept the gender and name of the baby a secret.

42-year-old Guf took his wife and newborn child home. If the Queen experienced the joy of motherhood for the first time, then the rapper already has a son from marriage with Aiza – the boy Sam is 12 years old. By the way, Yulia hid the sex of the child during pregnancy, fans speculated based on the design and color of the little things that they bought for the baby.

Today, the couple finally revealed the secret: “I can’t even believe that we are the parents of such a beautiful girl.” Also, the chosen one of Guf thanked him for his support, who was always there.

Guf's wife with a baby
Guf’s wife with a baby

This man went above and beyond to surround me with love, care and happiness even before I got pregnant. And during it, of course. You love to judge him at every opportunity. But what he has been like in recent years – only I know. And I love him madly, thank you”, the rapper’s wife wrote on social networks.

Guf is really attentive to his wife, not only in words, but also in deeds, giving her pleasant signs of attention. So, shortly after being discharged, the hip-hop artist gave Yulia diamond earrings. She liked the jewelry, which the hostess of the present told the fans.

The queen also boasted that her figure had not changed much. “Someone will say genetics, and only my coach will remember how I puffed in training for seven months. And the last two – I walked almost every day on a treadmill, denied myself a lot of food and did a billion massages.“, – said the 26-year-old wife of the singer.

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