May 3, 2022
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Guests will be knocked on

Guests will be knocked on

The ingenuity of our benefactors-communal workers knows no bounds. Especially when you need to once again get into the pocket of tenants. It would seem that they have already squeezed out all the cash to dryness, scraped through all the bottoms of the barrel, but they do not let up and give birth to new masterpieces of creative thought.

The Ministry of Construction proposed to revise the rules for the provision of housing and communal services with a view to doubling them. Only! Some wise men suddenly remembered that it is customary for citizens to visit each other sometimes. And from these guests for the long-suffering domestic housing and communal services sheer headache. They drink tea, and wash, and brush their teeth – water costs are growing, but how to calculate them if there are no meters in the apartment? And the guests also litter, which means that there is an overload of garbage dumps. Yes, and generally come in large numbers, you know! Free!

And then a fruitful idea arose in the enlightened minds of public utilities: let the guests pay! More precisely, not they, but for them the owners of the apartments, to whom they came to visit, pay extra for the communal apartment. Like, such happiness has come to people, why not fork out.

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services believes that it is necessary to introduce a double payment for housing and communal services in the event of the appearance of “extra” tenants in apartments that do not have meters. Tariffs will be doubled from the moment the “guests” are discovered or for the previous three months in cases where it is impossible to establish when unaccounted residents appeared in the apartment. But the big question is: how will the guests be “discovered”, by whom and by what right?!

A specialist in the field of housing and communal services, director of the ANO “Organization of People’s Control” Natalya Chernysheva draws attention: “Are they going to assign these duties to the district police, will they be guided by messages from the elders at the entrances and neighbors, or will they hire private detectives to monitor the residents? This is a very strange, even absurd initiative.”

One can imagine ways of implementing this absurd initiative.

Option one – precinct. They have nothing to do, with crime and other unrest we have peace and quiet – so let them go from apartment to apartment, drink tea with hospitable hosts and reveal in which closet the guests are hiding.

Option two – something like a round-up. The apartment building is cordoned off so that not a single guest escapes, and general apartment searches begin. But for this it is necessary to make major amendments to the law “On Police”.

Well, the third, most realistic thing is to recruit more residents of each house into informers (in a simple way – into informers), let them inform on neighbors for some percentage of the double tariff for housing and communal services. And we will all have a fun life with absurdity on the verge of fantasy from the Russian Ministry of Construction.

Or, for example, the inspectors came into the apartment, and there were a few “superfluous” – they were sitting, eating pies. Either they dropped in for an hour, or they have been visiting for half a year – how to determine? Here you can’t do without a lie detector …

These are the ugly forms that the maniacal desire of public utilities to get deeper into the pockets of citizens can turn into.

Lavrenty Pavlov.

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