Jul 30, 2022
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Guda Restaurant in Georgia Demands Russian Citizens to Condemn Putin

Guda Restaurant in Georgia Demands Russian Citizens to Condemn Putin

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The Guda restaurant in the village of Pasanauri on the Georgian Military Highway has established strict rules for serving Russians, journalists from the Georgian TV channel Mtavari Arkhi report on July 28. The owner of the institution, Ani Kavtaradze, said that Russian people, and these are mainly truckers – drivers of cargo trucks transiting to Turkey and Armenia, only then have the right to order food for themselves when they call Russian President Vladimir Putin “war criminal”. This was written by journalists of the online news publication “Public News Service”.

In addition, to receive service in this restaurant, you still need “show respect” territorial integrity of Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. Everywhere on the walls of the restaurant posted anti-Russian slogans. Anti-Russian printed materials lie on every table. There is a large screen monitor in the hall. Anti-Russian videos are continuously broadcast on its screen. The flag of Ukraine is hung on the facade under the roof of the establishment.

Kavtaradze says that people from the Russian Federation who do not agree with such rules should not be accepted in Georgia at all.

The psychological attack on truckers from Russia continues directly on the tracks. There, drivers are forced to stand idle in traffic jams for many days. Georgian media journalists approach them endlessly. Correspondents demand reprimands in front of TV cameras “Russia’s aggressive policy” and recognition “Russian occupation” Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Over the past 2 weeks, a significant number of Russian heavy vehicles have been on the territory of Georgia, which, as a result of traffic jams, cannot leave for the Russian Federation. Oppositional Georgian political parties and opposition media claim that in this way Russia, with the connivance of official Tbilisi, is carrying out large-scale smuggling operations through Georgia, bypassing international sanctions.

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