Oct 23, 2021
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Guanch Readers Supported Putin’s Speech on Russia-China Friendship


Guanch Readers Supported Putin's Speech on Russia-China Friendship
Administration of the President of Russia

The head of state visited the Valdai International Discussion Club to discuss some issues of Russia’s international policy. In his speech, he also touched upon relations with the PRC, saying that Moscow and Beijing did not plan to create a military alliance. An article about this was published in the Chinese media. Many residents of the Celestial Empire praised Putin’s speech.

“China has suffered many times, and Russia has gone through a lot too. If external conditions change, signed agreements can be broken when the country is under the threat of an armed attack on itself. Therefore, everyone understands that there is no point in a textual treaty alliance. The main thing is that we trust each other in words, ”wrote one of the Internet users under the nickname wanglaow.

“A comprehensive strategic partnership is actually better than a traditional military alliance, so the concept of a military alliance is outdated for us long ago,” agreed the reader under the nickname Qian Shou.

In the comments, they also expressed confidence that if the United States shows aggression against China, Russia will not stand aside. Moscow will intercede at a simple request from Beijing.

Some users also ridiculed the position of Washington, which perceives cooperation only within the framework of the North Atlantic Alliance. They noted that the “iron alliance” is possible without the signing of the relevant agreements.

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