Jan 14, 2022
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Grushko: NATO expansion carries unacceptable risks for Russia

NATO expansion carries unacceptable risks, Russia will resist them. This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Grushko at a press conference following the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council, TASS reports.

He noted that in 1997 Poland, which has a common border with Russia, tried to join the North Atlantic Alliance. To date, many countries have joined the military-political bloc. Their territories are used to project force in the direction of the Russian Federation, Grushko emphasized.

According to him, at the meeting, Russia honestly, directly and “without politically correct formulas” pointed out to the North Atlantic Alliance the possible consequences for European security in the event of a further deterioration of the situation. Grushko also drew attention to the fact that between the Russian Federation and the alliance there is no common positive agenda that existed before. The diplomat believes that this is due to the “pivot to the old NATO”, when the alliance is aimed at containing Russia.

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that NATO’s attempts to build a security architecture without the participation of Moscow are counterproductive and Russia will not allow it. He said that the alliance must provide legal guarantees of non-expansion to the east, which is an imperative for Moscow.

Grushko said that the Russian Federation does not rule out the restoration of its diplomatic mission to the North Atlantic Alliance if it changes approaches to efforts to ensure common security. The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry added that Russia also would not allow to dictate what should be the numerical presence of its diplomatic mission during the organization.

The meeting of the Russia-NATO Council was held at the headquarters of the North Atlantic Alliance in Brussels. The meeting lasted over four hours.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Foreign Ministry has not yet given NATO a response to the proposal to restore the missions.

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