Sep 18, 2021
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Groundhog Day from the authorities: “Chelyabinsk Metro” and life “like in Europe”

Groundhog Day from the authorities:

Photo: Elena Afonina / TASS

Life is bad without a sucker. So, apparently, the Russian authorities reason, at the right, most important moment for them, promising the people literally “mountains of gold”, and then forgetting about it. There is usually no one to ask officials, to hold them accountable for unfulfilled obligations.

It is possible that such a “scam” (dubious transaction, fr.) Russian society watched the other day when promises fell on them from the high rostrum. Among the most ambitious is the promise to finally build a metro in several long-needed Russian cities with a population of over one million.

The main intrigue is whether there will be a metro in Chelyabinsk. While there “High-speed tram with metro elements”… According to him “The decision was made”, said the Deputy Prime Minister vaguely Marat Khusnullinreporting to the president. The high level instills confidence that these are not empty words.

Apparently, for persuasiveness, Krasnoyarsk was assigned to the company Chelyabinsk, where “The issue is being worked out”… There, the metro exists at least in the plan. And also Nizhny Novgorod, in which it is definitely not necessary to build a metro from scratch, since it already exists and functions. We must continue.

Attention is drawn to the extreme streamlining of the wording about the proposed construction. Neither the amounts allocated for the construction, nor the specific construction timeframes have been named. In the case of Krasnoyarsk, the term for “discussing” the issue with the governor was named – 2022. Earnestly?

It is strange that Omsk was not in this company. The metro there is in about the same condition as in Krasnoyarsk. Unless there is a full article on Wikipedia. But apparently the meme “Don’t try to leave Omsk” made this city a symbol of hopelessness, and Khusnullin chose not to get involved.

What will happen if after years no metro will appear in these cities? For example, they will spend money on the construction of new million-plus cities in Siberia, which have already been advertised Shoigu… They also need the subway. Who will be responsible for the empty hopes of people?

But the current high-profile promises can be converted into popular support for yourself, your corporation, your clan in the very highest levels of power. Money in the evening, chairs in the morning, so I think the fitter Mechnikov said? Promises today, and the subway … someday.

And it would be fine only with the subway. After all, these are really expensive projects. In a poor country, and even in the era of a pandemic, there may be more pressing tasks. But in other spheres, large and small, we see the same style of communication between the authorities and the people. Promise, and then come what may.

How many talks have there been about the need for a complete gasification of Russia? We are pulling the northern and Turkish streams, the Power of Siberia to China too (and rightly so!), But we cannot provide our Russian people with affordable gas. In the zero years, the country, oh, how did it make money on its export, so where is the gasification?

Now the president has personally taken up the issue. However, where is the guarantee that the gasification plan will be implemented to the end and free of charge? So, in Gorny Altai, the program is designed until 2025. “Case to <…>and the announcement of grandiose plans began, ”local residents comment on the news. People have no faith.

Or, for example, Vladivostok. Everyone is happy with the city, the bridges are a sight for sore eyes, the ocean, the Eastern Economic Forum has just passed, the president came … But with the ocean, the locals sit for a year without available fish and seafood. The authorities promise to change the situation, but to no avail.

“Shrimp from China at a thousand rubles per kilogram, fish – rotten” – a resident of Vladivostok told “SP” on condition of anonymity. According to him, the catch of fish is controlled by people associated with the current and past government. They are at war with each other, and the inhabitants eat almost scales or fish at exorbitant prices.

Another fundamental local problem, which is promised to be solved from year to year, is sea public transport through the Golden Horn Bay. That would be to return the Maltsevskaya ferry, to connect the Zmeinka with the city center, Vladivostok residents dream. And convenient, and profitable, and romance. Will they wait?

Okay, Vladivostok is far away, but Ryazan? Local refinery emissions are a permanent problem. It has been “solved” for years, but still nothing. “The problem is really acute – it stinks at night, – a local native complains. – But here the catch is that the regional authorities have no guts to butt with Rosneft. “

The last remark is not surprising. Oil, like gas, is a strategic commodity in Russia. Specially selected people sit on the streams. It is more expensive for itself to compete with the oil generals, apparently, the officials argue. You can promise on the occasion, but here are the real steps to take, thank you.

However, the long-standing problems are less and less suitable as a “carrot”, which the authorities beckon to the people. Well, since you can deceive, well, another, well, a third … And then their “red curls become familiar” and officials will just start beating. At least they will stop believing. That means we need to find fresh, not yet tasted topics for promises.

It seems that they have already found it in Yamal.
The current official figured out how to hook people to the living. He is ready to start changing federal legislation in order to raise the already not low northern pensions for local residents. They say that officials interpret the law against the people.

Well, you can’t deny an official’s instinct. The pension reform hurt people, took away not only money, but also 5 years of life, and any promises to somehow mitigate the situation are perceived by the elderly with hope. But who raised the retirement age? Isn’t that the kind of power this change initiator represents? How is this to be understood? Bees versus honey?

Can you trust such a cynical calculation? And he is cynical. The author of the initiative clearly hopes to exploit the topic more than once. But it would be better for the residents of Yamal to trust those who were against the pension reform in the pension issue. Make inquiries, northerners.

Simple and harsh people live in the Far North. It is a pleasure for dishonest bureaucrats to deceive them. So in the Komi Republic, citizens received assurances of a future good, even luxurious life by Russian standards. “You will live with me as in Europe”– the head of Komi promised many years ago Sergey Gaplikov

And almost nothing of the promise was fulfilled. The local press summed up a sad conclusion. No payments for the birth of the first child, no compensation for attending kindergarten, the opening of schools was postponed for years, and the proposal to grow corn near Ukhta made the Komi residents laugh. It is not surprising that the republic is now headed by the more productive Uiba.

Whether it is in prosperous capitals. It’s so hard to find fault with Moscow (with such a budget as Sobyanin, making a “candy” is not a tricky business), in St. Petersburg, especially after the transfer of Gazprom there (with taxes) is also generally not bad. Local careerists only have to deal with the sealing building.

The theme is fertile. The center of St. Petersburg is built up in such a way that there is nowhere for an apple to fall. Chasing greedy developers, waving ksivami, can be for years. Political “profit” can always be removed. Well, if it doesn’t work out, very few people will remember, or even more so will present for failure. The cultural capital after all.

Political scientist Andrey Milyuk explains the practice of failure to fulfill promises by the institution of reputation that does not work well in Russia:

– Real mass politics invades the lives of our fellow citizens for only 2-3 weeks every few years. All the rest of the time, the average person is told that politics is dirty and uninteresting, better engage in self-development. And only when the authorities need to get from the people a purely formal, but still legitimacy, they begin to promise the citizen mountains of gold.

And they are often deceived. The promises of politicians are perceived as something like mating games, whispering meaningless but pleasant words in the ear. Therefore, women, as it was noticed, are much more active these days than men: politics for them is another form of sexual seduction. What difference does it make what he promises – the main thing is that a person is good.

With such an attitude to everything political, encouraged by the authorities, the institution of reputation will not work: no one sits with a pencil, does not check the points of the offer of the citizen and the politician, does not put the politician on the list of unscrupulous counterparties who will be denied further joint work.

“SP”: – But this, probably, does not pass without a trace?

– Resentment from deception, if it happens, then it is just an offense, but not taking into account profits and losses. The pension reform proved to be such a mortal offense against the president. She was the reason that the deep people suddenly began to participate in environmental protests, in the fight against distance learning, in many other small clashes with the authorities. Because of her, the president is forced to scatter handouts: 10, 15 thousand rubles at a time.

But it doesn’t work, the general mood is as follows: I’ll take the money, but I’ll still do it my own way. This is the logic of a woman offended by her betrayal.

The official propagandists felt something like that. Therefore, the most striking political statement of recent weeks was a series of anonymous videos with a general message: there is no need to change horses at the crossing. The authors do not promise anything, they sell the image of an imposing, self-confident man. He does his job, he drives the car, not paying attention to hysterical opponents. With him, it is familiar and calm. And this is another step in the evolution of public policy away from the institution of reputation.

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