May 29, 2022
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Grigory Leps threatened the grooms of his daughters


Singer Grigory Leps said that he would destroy anyone who offends his daughters.

The artist scared the future suitors of his daughters. A father with many children issued a warning, after which it would be difficult for his heirs to arrange their personal lives.

The singer is a very loving parent, so he will not tolerate if someone offends his children. He is ready to personally deal with any offender, even if it is one of the new members of his family. In other words, Leps’ son-in-law must be very careful and watch his words and deeds. The singer will not allow the heart of at least one of his daughters to be broken.

I will destroy him morally or physically – it does not matter. For me it’s not hard”, Leps promises.

Grigory Leps - photo from the archive -
Grigory Leps – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

At the same time, he stressed that he did not have any expectations about the income of a potential son-in-law. He is ready to put up with the fact that his daughter will not marry an oligarch. “My wife did not marry a great artist, but simply a man she fell in love with”, Leps recalled in an interview with MUZ-TV.

Interestingly, these revelations were made shortly after the wedding of his eldest daughter, Inga. In April of this year, she became the wife of director Mikhail Plutakhin. The singer was present at the wedding and personally congratulated the newlyweds.

Leps is ready for a sharp reaction because of the possible experiences of his daughters, but he was not particularly sensitive to the tears of his ex-wife Anna Shaplykova. Recently, the singer’s ex-wife admitted that the past year has brought a lot of pain and disappointment into her life. It was obvious that this statement referred to a painful divorce from Leps.

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