Jan 14, 2022
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Grigory Leps starred with a naked torso in Italy


59-year-old singer Grigory Leps combines rest with work in Italy. The artist shared frames from a photo shoot in a new way and with a naked torso.

The end of last year was not easy for Grigory Leps. His wife Anna Shaplykova, who is 10 years younger than the artist, filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage. In addition, at the end of December, he twice ended up in the hospital due to poor health.

Despite life’s difficulties, Leps continues to work. True, immediately after the divorce, he went to Italy, where he spent time in the company of close friends and eldest daughter Inga, who was born in the artist’s first marriage.

The day before, Leps shared on Instagram several pictures that were taken while the artist was preparing for a photo shoot. This time, the singer changed his strict suit for shorts, exposing his torso, and put a wig with a pigtail on his head.

Grigory Leps
Grigory Leps

Fragments of a new photo shoot, – intriguingly signed the artist. — Continuation of the rest combined with work!”

It is sad to see Grigory Viktorovich in such a role. For me, he will forever remain a brutal and respectable man”, “Well, you didn’t have to undress”, “The image of an Indian ?!”, “Masterpiece, super, Grisha👏”, “Original! In a new image👏”, “Well, Gregory is almost Brad Pitt👏“, – his fans assessed the new image of Leps differently.

Grigory Leps
Grigory Leps

Recall that Grigory Leps does not comment on the separation from his wife. He tries to avoid direct questions from journalists, turning everything into a joke that he does not know about any divorce. Anna Shaplykova also prefers to remain silent on the subject of her personal life.

The singer’s divorce was commented on by star lawyer Andrei Aleshkin. He is sure that the artist was forced to divorce, giving him good reasons. According to the lawyer, Leps’ ex-wife put pressure on him. “Most likely, Leps’s consent was caused by his difficult psycho-emotional state – depression, longing, perhaps even hard drinking, which was written about in telegram channels. The singer was just broken. Or there is a second option, which also cannot be ruled out: the wife had a serious compromising evidence on the artist, who forced him to agree to her terms”, the lawyer shared his thoughts.

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