Aug 2, 2022
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Grigory Leps reunited with his ex-wife

A couple of months ago, Grigory Leps and his wife Anna Shaplykova divorced after 20 years of marriage. Rumor has it that the artist’s drunkenness and betrayal were to blame, and the last straw was his alleged passion for Yulia Baranovskaya, from whom her husband once left for another woman. True, “lovers” do not give any comments.

Surrounded by the family, they share that the artist is having a hard time breaking up, in order to forget himself, he rushed to work and even went to concerts in the Donbass, however, taking Baranovskaya with him … In general, Leps’s life is now a mess. Nevertheless, the singer’s relatives hope that he will come to his senses and return to his ex-wife. Gregory’s mother especially wants this.

Grigory Leps reunited with his ex-wife

“He worries, he loves her. And she loves him. And his mother-in-law is near him – what he loves, then he gives it to him … May all this pass. I say: “Anechka, all this will pass,” the celebrity’s parent complained recently.

The sister of the artist Eteri adheres to the same position, they say, he must be understood and forgiven, and she and Anna must talk and try first. But is it necessary for Shaplykova herself? After the divorce, she was left with a solid fortune, and finally, her loving drunken husband stopped ruffling her nerves. And even more so, he, suffering from a break with his wife, went to the Donbass with Baranovskaya! From Baranovskaya, Carl!!

Meanwhile, the ice has broken! At the moment, Anna Shaplykova is in Italy with her children and none other than Grisha came to them. No one uploads general pictures to the network, but separately, the couple shared a photo with their daughter Eva.

Leps arrived in Italy after his recent anniversary concert and has already shared a video in which he has fun with children. It was clear from the voices that Anna was also nearby, but the artist tried not to get into the frame.

So the family is reunited. It is not clear only, for the duration of the vacation, or whether the former spouses are trying to save the relationship.

Grigory Leps reunited with his ex-wife

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