Aug 19, 2022
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Grigory Leps mourns the author of his hits


Singer Grigory Leps spoke about the tragic loss.

The artist shared the tragic news – Anatoly Dolzhenkov died. The poet was the author of such hits of the musician as “Natalie”, “I listened to the rain” and many others.

60-year-old Grigory Leps reported the tragedy a few minutes ago on his personal blog. “Today, Anatoly Mikhailovich Dolzhenkov, the author of poems for the songs “Natalie” and “I Listened to the Rain”, the author of poems for all the songs of my first album “God bless you”, passed away. Anatoly was a wonderful poet, but above all a wonderful person, husband, father and my friend. Rest in peace…” – wrote the artist.

Grigory Leps - photo from the archive -
Grigory Leps – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Fans of the author’s work express their condolences to his loved ones. “My favorite songs … Blessed memory ”; “It is very sad that the great Russian poet has passed away. Your poems will remain for centuries”; “Kingdoms of Heaven””, write netizens.

Recall that one of the most beloved songs by fans “Natalie” was written in the 90s. Composer Yevgeny Kobylyansky recalled: the lines came to the poet by chance while walking along Chistoprudny Boulevard.

Suddenly, the moment came when he uttered the sacramental phrase: “Natalie, quench my sorrows, Natalie!” Then I yelled like a madman: “Give me this song soon!” Dolzhenkov shrugged his hands in response and said: “I don’t have a song, I just came up with it …” When I returned from a walk, the melody “Natalie” already sounded in my head in the form in which we hear it today. Anatoly wrote poems to the finished music”, — shared Kobylyansky.

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