Jan 11, 2022
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Grigory Leps divorced due to treason


Rumors about the reasons for the divorce of the singer Grigory Leps are growing.

The artist spent his holidays at a ski resort, where he arrived as a bachelor. Before the New Year, the singer’s divorce from his wife, Anna Shaplykova, ended. The couple did not disclose the reasons for the separation, which is why many different rumors appeared in the media.

At first, they wrote that the artist’s marriage collapsed due to his betrayal. The possible culprit of Leps’s divorce was called Yulia Baranovskaya. Then another rumor appeared – that it was not Gregory who was caught in infidelity, but his wife. She allegedly started an affair with a handsome young man Dmitry Savchuk.

Singer Milena Deinega told reporters that the version of the singer’s affair with the presenter seems to her more believable. She clarified that Savchuk did not try to take his wife away from Leps, since he has other interests in love.

Julia Baranovskaya
Julia Baranovskaya

If Anna has a man, then he will be more mature and wealthy. And she broke up with Leps due to the fact that he slept with TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya. In this I am more ready to believe“, – quoted by Deynega EG.

Baranovskaya, it is worth noting, hides the details of her personal life, but earlier she said that she was often credited with non-existent novels. In the past, her “lovers” were called Alexander Gordon, Kirill Turichenko, Maxim Galkin and even Alexander Vasiliev. According to Julia, she has purely friendly relations with each of them.

Recall that Leps has been married to Shaplykova for over 20 years. During this time, they became parents three times: the spouses had daughters Eva and Nicole, as well as a son, Ivan.

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