Jul 31, 2022
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Grigory Leps almost brought his mother to the grave with his antics


Singer Grigory Leps was not an exemplary son.

Poor grades at school, addiction to alcohol, health problems – Natella Lepsveridze often had to worry. The singer himself does not deny that he caused anxiety in the parent.

For Grigory Leps, the path to success ran through thorns. In his youth, he was interrupted by small earnings in restaurants in Sochi. The night schedule took a lot of energy, the vocalist was fond of alcohol. And after moving to Moscow, he became addicted to drugs. This was reflected in the appearance, in addition, Leps rapidly lost minus 35 kilograms in weight.

Soon the artist tied up with addictions. Being already popular, at the beginning of the 2000s, Leps lost his voice. An operation was required to restore the ligaments; the performer of the hit “Natalie” returned to the stage only two years later.

Later, Leps was hospitalized several times with broken ribs, then with acute bronchitis. Every time the mother of the singer Natella Semyonovna was worried about her son. Once she even had to sell an apartment in order to cure her son of a pancreatic disease.

Grigory Leps - photo from the archive -
Grigory Leps – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Grishulenka, how much trouble you have given me in my life, but all the time I love you very much. You are my pride. Take care”, – the 86-year-old parent turned to the star.

As a child, Leps also gave his mother a lot of trouble. He did poorly in school, getting low grades. Gregory was only interested in music and sports. Then Leps’s mother hoped that her son would leave creativity and find a vocation in completely different professions.

I wanted him to be a lawyer or a dentist. His tongue was well suspended at school, but he crossed everything out – “I will be a musician.” – “Well, you will, so you will.” He went somewhere and found a teacher and began to study with him. I didn’t even know”, – Natella Semenovna shares her memories on the air of the program “Tonight” on the channel “Russia 1”.

Note that the 60-year-old vocalist has an excellent relationship with his mother, he often visits her with his children in Sochi. Natella Lepsveridze follows her son’s work, attends concerts and rejoices at his success.

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