Sep 21, 2022
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Greenhouse cleaning rules

Greenhouse cleaning rules

First, thoroughly rinse the frame and polycarbonate inside and out. A simple soap solution is perfect for this. With it, you can not only clean the greenhouse from dirt, but also clean it from pests. Do not forget about the crossbars in the greenhouse, because harmful insects and their larvae can remain on them. Take care of polycarbonate and do not use highly alkaline cleaning compounds. Dry rubbing the surface hard can also damage the coating and significantly shorten its life. To avoid scratching the polycarbonate, use a soft cloth or sponge.

After you have thoroughly washed everything, open all doors and windows, ventilate and completely dry the greenhouse. Do not use sulfur bombs to disinfect a greenhouse with a galvanized frame, so that it does not turn black.

Staged tillage

The next step is preparing the soil for the next sowing season. It is necessary to remove all plant debris from the greenhouse – plant roots, stems, weeds. Dig up the soil to loosen the soil. Apply double superphosphate or your usual fertilizer. Don’t want to use chemical fertilizers? Then, to restore soil fertility, you can use compost or plant green manure in the greenhouse – for example, mustard or oats. When the plants gain enough green mass, the earth needs to be dug up.

Preparing the greenhouse for winter

When leaving the greenhouse for the winter, tightly close all the windows and doors – otherwise a strong wind can damage them. Automatic pushers to the vents are removed at a temperature of +11 degrees. Metal beds are not afraid of cold weather and remain in the greenhouse.

Before you leave the greenhouse to winter, you should think about snow loads. Structures from well-known manufacturers are tested for wind and snow loads before being released to the market. The maximum possible snow load on the frame is specified in the assembly instructions. After evaluating this information and comparing it with possible snow loads in your area, if necessary, further strengthen the frame or remove snow from the greenhouse during the winter

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