Jun 8, 2022
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Green light cures migraine

Green light cures migraine

Migraine is the most common disorder of the nervous system. According to WHO, almost 1 billion people on the planet suffer from this disease.

This condition is accompanied by bouts of excruciating headaches that interfere with the normal life of a person. Current pain medications cannot solve this problem. A team of scientists from the University of Arizona College of Medicine found in a study that exposure to green light can cut the number of migraine attacks by almost half.

Scientists obtained such data when conducting a study on rodents, and then on volunteers. A group of laboratory rats with a disorder of the nervous system – migraine – was divided into two parts. The first group of rodents were exposed to daily green light, and the control group was exposed to normal light. During the study, scientists using special equipment determined a significant reduction in pain attacks in the first group of rodents.

Further experiments already involving 60 volunteers also showed that being in a room with green lighting for two hours daily was able to halve the number of headache attacks. In the participants of the experiment from the control group without light therapy, the number of pain attacks and the intensity of pain remained at the same level.

“The therapeutic properties of color have been known for a long time. Such therapy is often used to relieve pain, relieve tension. Our study helped to establish that exposure to green light for just two hours a day can not only reduce the number of seizures, but also reduce pain by almost 60 percent,” said professor of neurosurgery Mohab Ibrahim.

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