Nov 12, 2021
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Greek Defense Minister predicted NATO will fight for a long time with Russia


Greek Defense Minister Predicts NATO's Long Fight With Russia

The North Atlantic Alliance should prepare for a long struggle with Moscow, but at the same time continue to conduct a dialogue with the leadership of the Russian Federation in order to prevent an accidental escalation of the conflict. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Greek Ministry of Defense Nikolaos Panayotopoulos, speaking at the 15th NATO Annual Conference on the Defense of the Baltic States. According to the head of the department, the military bloc must promote the common values ​​that underlie the transatlantic partnership.

“In the East, Russia’s actions seem to devalue the freedom-loving international order that NATO openly defends. Russia appears to be facing an adversary that it cannot defeat, and in the long term, its excessive military expansion, coupled with a weak economy, is likely to undermine its position, ”said Panayotopoulos.

The Greek minister stressed that the Russian Federation remains one of the most powerful nuclear powers and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, therefore it is capable of “causing serious complications.” He added that the complex of joint efforts of the military bloc to “contain Moscow” should be supplemented with “substantive dialogue with the Russian Federation” in order to avoid misunderstandings, miscalculations and accidental escalation.

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