Jan 10, 2021
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Great Victory – a national shrine for the Muslims of Russia

Historical memory of the Great Victory and modern problems of civil and spiritual and moral education of youth in the activities of Islamic organizations (speech at the VI Moscow International Forum “Religion and Peace”)

Dear friends!

On behalf of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Russia, I cordially greet you and express to all of you my sincere respect and deep respect, as well as wishes for peace, health, prosperity and the mercy of the Almighty

The topic of our meeting is very relevant and dedicated to the spiritual foundations of the Great Victory. Our Victory was achieved on the basis of a solid unity of power, people, army, our solidarity and unity of spiritual and material weapons, has a solid spiritual and moral foundation.

For us, the Great Victory is a historical, large-scale and very significant phenomenon. This is the Great Victory of our people, suffered by all citizens of our country, regardless of religion and nationality. She lives in our hearts, will live forever and will not disappear from the historical memory of our people and all mankind.

At a meeting of the Russian Victory Organizing Committee, Russian President V. Putin stressed: “A huge role is played here by the work to preserve and protect the historical truth about the Second World War, about the traditions and spirit of alliance in the fight against Nazism. For us, this is primarily a moral, human concept, a moral and human duty to the generation of victors, to those who fell for their Motherland, to those who rebuilt and rebuilt the country after the Great Patriotic War. Historical truth binds society together, serves as a spiritual, value foundation for development, helps people of different generations feel like a truly united, united nation. “

Historical memory includes our ideas about the heroic and labor events of the national history of that period, about patriotism and people’s life in the rear. And, undoubtedly, historical memory includes values ​​and spiritual bonds that contribute to the formation and strengthening of patriotism and civic consciousness of the people, and the consolidation of society.

Historical memory, the truth about the Great Patriotic War, constitutes the basis of the national spirit and pride for the country and its people, the basis of our community and solidarity.

Dozens of years have passed, but today we are increasingly aware of the historical feat of the people, the fact that the history of the Great Patriotic War and the entire Second World War is a priority basis for the formation and restoration of the continuity of generations in our society, preservation of victorious traditions, and ensuring the international authority of the Russian Federation.

Dear conference participants!

The Great Patriotic War was truly popular. And hundreds of thousands of Muslims of the Soviet Union from the first days of the war joined the ranks of the defenders of the Fatherland and went through the entire war, made a worthy contribution to the Great Victory.

The chairman of the Central Spiritual Directorate, Mufti Gabdrakhman Rasulev, at the 1942 congress of Islamic religious leaders said: “There is not a single faithful whose son, brother or father would not fight the Germans today, defending our common homeland with arms in hands, just like and there is probably not a single person in the rear who would not help the cause of victory by their labor in factories and plants. For we, the Muslims of the Soviet Union, remember well the words of the great Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): “Khubbul watan minal iman”, which means “Love for the Motherland and its protection are one of the conditions of faith.” Helping a soldier going to the front with weapons is tantamount to participating in a battle. The peaceful labor of men and women who took the jobs of soldiers who went to the front is tantamount to participation in battle. ” Indeed, the war united all citizens, representatives of all nationalities and religions, and such solidarity defeated fascism and saved peace on earth.

And this is one of the moral lessons of the Great Patriotic War, obliging us to fight for the preservation of peace, actively oppose ideology and propaganda of discrimination on religious or ethnic grounds, propaganda of racial superiority, keep in sight the problems of harmonizing interreligious and interethnic relations. Our strength lies in our unity and solidarity, in relying on our spiritual values.

For us, Muslims of Russia, the Great Victory is our national shrine, full of deep historical meaning. It requires a careful attitude towards itself and a categorical avoidance of distortion and falsification. All of us, regardless of religion and nationality, should be able to protect and preserve the historical truth, the historical memory of the Great Victory. We must be able and always ready to give a decent answer to falsifiers of all stripes.

It is very important for us and all generations to preserve continuity, to preserve the historical, spiritual and moral meaning of the Great Victory for the present, for the younger generation and youth who are entering the life.

Our youth should know the historical truth about the Great Patriotic War, its results and lessons, better understand the content and logic of the modern historical process from civil and patriotic positions, be proud of the military and labor feat of the older generation. In the book of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia “Great Victory” there are the following words:

“Today we offer fervent prayers for our Fatherland, so that the Lord will give us the strength to always remain on the side of the truth of God. Then Russia will be invincible. I appeal to the younger generation: cultivate the spirit of warriors capable of defending the Fatherland. Take an example from the holy noble princes Alexander Nevsky, Demetrius Donskoy and many of our other great generals. Take an example from the commanders and soldiers of the Great Patriotic War – from the Marshal of Victory Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, from Alexander Matrosov, from Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, from those who, without reasoning, sacrificed their lives in the name of the Fatherland. These examples of saints and heroes will help you and me to be stronger, smarter, have the will and good feelings to build our great Fatherland. “

Preserving the memory of the war is one of the most important factors in the cohesion and consolidation of society. The distortion of the historical truth affects both young people who are losing their bearings and older generations who are traumatized by lies.

All of us, representatives of government bodies, religious organizations, the public and the media, must with a united front oppose falsifiers, attempts to distort history, distort common memory, the memory that was passed on by our fathers and grandfathers. A memory that we ourselves must pass on to our children.

A lot of patriotic, propaganda and educational work with the younger generation is needed to form a high culture of perception of our heroic past in them, instill trust only in those opinions and information that are based on facts, archival documents, and genuine evidence.

Let us note the great role of the media in shaping the historical consciousness of young people and in preserving the historical memory of the Great Victory. It seems that in this respect it is necessary to improve the culture of popularizing the historical past, to have an effective state media policy based on the ideology of our Great Victory as an indisputable historical and moral value.

We strive to ensure that young people should also know and remember that during the war, Muslims, together with all the people, were a united force, showed massive heroism at the front and in the rear, and contributed to our common Great Victory.

The issues of civic and spiritual and moral education of the younger generation, youth have always been and remain a priority in the activities of Islamic organizations, and we should step up this work.

We, Muslims of Russia, share and fully support the state policy of preserving and strengthening the historical memory of the Great Victory. This is a powerful factor in our activities on the spiritual, moral and patriotic education of young people, strengthening our civil and spiritual and moral unity on the basis of religious and secular values, love for our Motherland, its past and present.

The following heartfelt words belong to the remarkable Russian thinker I. Ilyin: “Motherland is not the land and not nature, and not the economy of the country, and not individual people; Homeland is a national appeal to God, national service to His call and His cause; The homeland is the entire state-formed and welded people with all their earthly property, the people as a spiritual unity, connected by homogeneity, compatibility, interaction and community in the face of God and His ways. ” These words sound with special force today and they are very relevant. We must not underestimate spiritual values, religious principles in state and public life in the historical past and in the present.

The canonical, spiritual and moral potential of Islam, like other Russian traditional religions, is aimed at educating young people in the spirit of love for their homeland, history and culture.

Our youth should feel like citizens of a great state, which, in unity with the people, defeated fascism in a bloody war and saved human civilization from destruction.

Islamic education and enlightenment, the authoritative word of the imam in the sermons, the youth cultural, educational and educational events we conduct, the cooperation of Muslim organizations with the authorities in the implementation of the federal program on the patriotic education of youth and in the implementation of state youth policy – all this, in fact, is aimed at one – to educate young citizens-patriots with deep spiritual and moral motivation in the perception of the Great Victory, capable of preserving its historical memory in the subsequent succession of generations.

As President of Russia V. Putin justly noted: “A well-thought-out, consonant with the perception of modern youth and, most importantly, an honest patriotic agenda should strengthen in new generations the basic values ​​that have been tested by life itself, which reflect our traditions, national identity, the entire historical path of Russia with its trials and triumphs. “

These words apply to all of us and we must, with pure hearts and good deeds, united and strong, meet the challenges and threats to our development and our common future.

Thank you for attention!

Albir Krganov

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