Apr 26, 2021
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Great Tuesday April 27, 2021: history, customs and signs

Great Tuesday April 27, 2021: history, customs and signs

The hot week continues, and on April 27, believers will celebrate Great Tuesday. On this day, the covenants of the church, customs and signs are observed. On the day of the holiday, everyone can ask the Lord for protection and protection.

The entire Hot week before Easter is a time of repentance and cleansing. Believers remember the life of Jesus every day, pray to the longest powers and be sure to ask for forgiveness for any unseemly actions. Experts recommend that one more get acquainted with the customs of the ceremonial day in order to fulfill the covenants of the church and not bring trouble on yourself and your family.

Great Tuesday – the times when Jesus recited sermons in the temple of Jerusalem, urged to awaken love for the Almighty in oneself and not to be led by those who are weak in soul. On this day, Jesus urged true believers to prepare for the second coming of the Messiah, and also calmly answered tricky questions, giving no monolithic chance to intimidate or confuse him and the parishioners.

Great Tuesday is a time of edifying edification, when believers remember the second coming, cleanse the press from negativity and resist any intrigues of unclean forces that may appear in the guise of false prophets that confuse minds and souls.

Great Tuesday is the time of repentance and thanksgiving prayers, after which believers are taken to work. On this day, they continue to prepare for Clear Easter, complete the cleaning, buy the necessary products. The Church does not forbid to work if devalas are not for harm, but for the good.

According to custom, on this day, you need to sort out all the clothes, throw out the unnecessary ones, and wash and iron the remaining things.

On April 27, believers observe fasting, refusing food of animal origin. Entertainment and leisure activities remain under the order. Believers should remember about moral purity, do not use foul language or indulge in bad fashions.

By tradition, on the day of the holiday, women are not supposed to do needlework, so as not to incur the wrath of higher powers on themselves and their families. To wash with melt water on the day of the holiday – to get rid of ailments and a speedy recovery. In the old days, animals were also washed with melt water in order to relieve them of diseases for the whole year. In case the snow has already melted all, they used holy water or collected it from the little springs and springs. Gray or rainy weather on this day – to a bountiful harvest of mushrooms. A disastrous year promises blocks of ice left off the shores of reservoirs. It is believed that distant peals of thunder promise good weather. Warmth will come even if the sky is strewn with stars. On the day of the holiday, to do a kind deed is to live a year without worries. Those who give alms, luck will grin.

A hot week is a responsible time when believers prepare for a great holiday, cleanse themselves morally and necessarily regret unseemly deeds in order to celebrate Easter with pure thoughts and peace of mind.

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