Sep 20, 2022
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“Great singer”: Igor Matvienko complained that he missed the chance and could not make money on Vale Karnaval

According to Larisa Dolina, blogger Valya Karnaval is a mediocre singer, but Igor Matvienko has a different opinion. The producer talked with Yana Churikova, they discussed the current youth and its idols. The conversation reached Valentina. So, the composer is sure that the girl is a “great singer” and, on a par with Larisa Dolina, could give live three-hour concerts, she just needs to be taught.

Moreover, Matvienko had such an opportunity, because he met Carnival even before it became popular throughout the country. But, the producer missed this chance, but he took advantage of it, and as a result, someone else earned it.

Igor Igorevich was introduced to Valentina by her daughter, who told him about “one awesome girl from Rostov-on-Don” who makes videos on TikTok and already has 2 million subscribers. After looking at the creations of a young celebrity, Matvienko realized that she had to be taken on and invited her to an audition in Moscow.

“Polina brought her to the Lyube concert. They took her to the studio, very good! And here is my general mistake, I had to immediately rent an apartment for her, settle her, start teaching at the academy. And engage in Valya Carnival. But the anniversary of “Lube”, back and forth, lack of time. She listened and left for Rostov. About four months later, Valya Karnaval flew into space (became popular). Would have stayed then, we would have made a star from Vali Karnaval, namely a singing star, and not a blogger. Just in 6 months, ”Matvienko shares with a sigh.

In general, the producer is now biting his elbows, and someone is making good money on the “asterisk”.

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