Apr 30, 2021
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Great Saturday 1 May 2021: what you can and cannot do on this day

Great Saturday 1 May 2021: what you can and cannot do on this day

Great Saturday is the final day of Great Lent and the Hot Week, which makes it unusual for any Orthodox believer. The experts told what can be done on May 1, and what the church advises to refuse.

Easter is only one day away. Stretch it profitably and with kindness in your heart. On this day, it was met to consecrate Easter cakes, but not everyone can do this. If you do not have such an opportunity, you can ask someone to take them to the temple for you or consecrate them at home.

This is another day after the apostles buried Jesus Christ in one of the caves near Jerusalem. Subsequently, the sanctuary of the Holy Sepulcher was erected around this cave.

According to the scriptures, the body of Christ was in the cave, and his spirit descended into hell. He freed the crush of all sinners imprisoned in darkness, as well as the crush of Adam, Eve and all the righteous of the Old Testament. The descent into hell was part of the sacrifice of Christ, given to atone for the original sin of man.

On this day, all Christian churches are expecting the descent of the blessed heat. This is one of the most important events in the world Orthodox and Christian religion in general. After the heat dissipates, it is transferred to other temples around the world, transported by special flights. It is revered that if the blessed fire does not come down, this will represent a confirmation of the imminent alphabet of the coffin of light.

Great Saturday majestically observe complete silence… Silence is a sign of reverence and sorrow for Christ. It is impossible to sing, shout, swear, loudly listen to music and turn on the TV. Of course, it is impossible to drink intoxicated and sort things out.

In no case on this day it is impossible to make repairs, clean up, do business in the garden and garden… All of this you should have done at the start of Hot Week.

On Saturday everyone visits the sanctuary and blesses cakes with eggs. If you did not have time to prepare the cakes in advance, you can do it in the morning on Saturday in order to have time to consecrate them later.

This is the day of forgiveness, because the Lord has forgiven all sinners. On this day it is possible and even necessary to forgive insults. You should not take revenge on anyone, provoke others to negative emotions.

An iron fast is also observed on this day in relation to food.… All dry eating is allowed – vegetable food without heat treatment.

Do good devalas, recite prayers for the forgiveness of sins. May 1 May be for you a time of humility and silence, calmness and pacification. Try to help the needy, respond to requests for help from family and friends.

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