Jan 24, 2021
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Gray schemes of Russian schools

Innovative schools: what was it and where did it go? Why were they created and why are they being reduced?

Finally, the New Year holidays are over … The children returned to school, which cannot but rejoice, and it seems that everything is mostly positive.

But here, on one of the forums, I came across the dissatisfaction of a school manager about an unknown list of innovative schools. They write about some kind of reduction of such schools. As an overly inquisitive person, I was terribly interested in what kind of innovative school stories they were? I searched, found a couple more records and calls to return everything as it was, but only not from the teachers, but exclusively from the directors. I called another manager whom I have known for many years. I am sharing what he shared with me not without a squeak.

It turns out that so-called innovation platforms have appeared on the basis of some Russian schools for 10-15 years already. Such schools were faced with not only ordinary everyday “teach and teach”, but also scientific tasks. They had additional income, excellent purchasing preferences and bright prospects for existence.

They wanted – they bought equipment and equipment from a single supplier, they wanted – they bought foreign, not domestic equipment for their “research”. In general, everything that is prohibited by law in relation to everyone, but is allowed in such individual cases as federal innovation sites. Some schools have lived in such conditions for many years. It would be foolish to assume that these gray patterns of existence would not be revealed sooner or later. So they were uncovered by raking paper “reports” of the so-called innovation platforms, and the story found a completely comical ending. It turned out that if a school is on the “innovation” list, then all it supposedly needs is to send papers about scientific activity.

But that’s what they write in such pieces of paper. Now I will announce the title of the report of one of the federal innovation sites (do not fall off your chairs!):

A form of cognition of the ethnic diversity of indigenous peoples living on the territory of Yamal … Exposition “Deer – the basis of life”.

The imagination in the field of innovation is truly limitless! Or another example, which immediately grabbed my imagination – “Implementation of forms and methods for managing corporate relations of the school” – and the cost of work is 220 million (not a typo) … in fact, 220 million rubles. What kind of corporate governance is this so golden … I thought and asked for more examples. I will definitely post it!

And now the forums are “shedding tears” at federal innovation sites, although it is clear to anyone that such things, and even in the absence of at least some real activity, no one will close their eyes.

I don’t want to completely upset everyone involved in the process, but in connection with this story, questions are accumulating in my head. Who are these people, who so shamelessly mastered the means, hiding behind “school science.” And, most importantly, is it possible to see at least somewhere the results of the work of these innovative schools? Especially interesting about deer !!! Many of them, by the way, did not even hesitate to betray themselves, expressing indignation at why they suddenly blocked “our feeding trough”, as, for example, did a certain Larisa Rudolfovna Gerapinovich, hiding behind the parents and teachers of the St. Petersburg school “Unison”, whose appeal is easy to find in Networks

I sincerely hope that such things will eradicate and finally take a step towards revising this confusing and foul-smelling story about innovative sites. The teacher will breathe easier.

Lyusya Petrova

Photo: Victor Lisitsyn, Victor Lisitsyn / Global Look Press

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