Nov 16, 2021
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Gray hair and a face without wrinkles is sexy!

Gray hair and a face without wrinkles is sexy!

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Age is something that is not customary to talk about today, but it is impossible not to think when looking at your own reflection in the mirror. What, from a certain point, many perceive as a personal disaster – especially in our country, where, since the perestroika 90s, the cult of youth and the constant race following the mercilessly passing time has acquired the character of a real mania. In contrast, for example, from the old woman – Europe, which, contrary to forecasts (scientists predict a significant preponderance of 60-year-olds and compared with adolescents by 2050), does not consider the number of years to be such a significant factor, and even more so – an indicator of the real age of a person, his intellectual, psychological and even physical condition.

To live and look at your age, be well-groomed without “shredding” or reshaping your face, get energy from what you really love, learn new things, communicate with children and friends of children, without competing or complexing because of your own passport data – today it is a global trend. “Age gives a lot, and you need to appreciate it. Therefore, when we start to fight with young people – we put on mini-skirts, take pretentious, as it were, sexual poses, do plastic surgery, we obviously lose, – the professor of psychology and popular coach is sure. Marina Melia (@marinamelia)… – We are fighting the “enemy” on his field. And you have to play on your own: at the expense of intelligence, independence, financial stability, social circle, level of culture, experience – all that is called wisdom. The more active you live, the longer you keep in good shape, ability to work, the opportunity to do something good for others. ”

The first example of full recognition of oneself and respect for one’s own appearance with all its age characteristics, oddly enough, was demonstrated by famous actresses. “Nobody wants to get old. And yet this is a battle that I choose not to participate in, because it cannot be won. I love to look at the faces of women who have not had beauty injections. I love their grace and the stories these women tell as they age naturally. I would rather live my life, accepting what is happening to me, “- wrote on Instagram 46-year-old Hollywood beauty, star of” Charlie’s Angels ” Drew Barrymore.

“Yes, I’m getting old. But it seems to me that in the art of aging you can afford some “imperfections”, they give the image of sensuality and sexuality, ─ 63-year-old Sharon Stone, who shocked the world with her defiant beauty in the hits of the 90s film distribution, frankly admits in her interviews (“Main instinct “” Sliver “, etc.) – I am not against plastic surgery, because it is much worse to live with complexes caused by imperfections in appearance, but remaking yourself just like that is not normal.”

And in the midst of the pandemic, a new reason for fierce discussions was the decision of the celebrity ladies not to paint over their grayer hair. The publicity of the actress caused a stir Sarah Jessica Parker with frankly gray strands. And although this could easily pass for a PR stunt on the eve of the premiere of the new season of Sex and the City, dedicated to the adventures of heroines at the elegant age of 50+, the initiative was received with a bang. Today, most style icons, both foreign and domestic, proudly display their gray hair. Even the actress and director carefully observing her sophisticated style Renata Litvinova in an interview, she once admitted that she would like to see herself in old age. “It seems to me that the gray hair does not need to be painted over. Yes, this is a signal of the irreversible, but there is nothing new in it. Here it is necessary to include the moment of acceptance. Think over the worst-case scenarios and try to avoid them. For example, a terrible facelift or a fat, swollen face. “

Today, most celebrities are trying to give preference to natural methods and healthy lifestyle for radical interventions in their own appearance with unpredictable consequences, actively advocating (at least in words) for regular exercise, proper nutrition and balanced skin care. And here, as they say, you can’t argue.

“Skin care after 45 years of age requires special attention. Daily home care, protection from UV rays, the use of anti-age products (the substances they contain are aimed at neutralizing damage, maintaining the hydrolipid balance) – will help keep even mature skin healthy and fresh, – reminds readers dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist of the EPILAS network of medical centers Alina Kudzieva… – To stop the aging process, it is worthwhile to start preparing the skin for cosmetic procedures in advance. Pay special attention to a medium chemical peel (for example, trichloroacetic acid), which will help exfoliate the skin and remove all minor age-related changes from its surface. Then work on the face, neck and décolleté area using mesotherapy or biorevitalization. These procedures will deliver the most important element of hydration to the layers of the skin – hyaluronic acid, activate cell renewal, improve complexion, smooth wrinkles and reduce skin laxity. “

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