Nov 24, 2021
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Gray chairs: how to choose and place in the interior

Gray chairs: how to choose and place in the interior

Gray armchairs – a faded element of the interior or its highlight? Why is muted color furniture so popular? What types of chairs are there?

Gray armchairs are a sophisticated solution for any interior. There are over 250 shades of this color and many models. This allows you to choose a chair that will be in harmony with other furniture and will decorate the room.


  1. Why choose gray furniture
  2. Types of chairs
  3. Materials: upholstery and frame
  4. Variety of styles
  5. How to fit furniture into the interior

Why choose gray furniture

Gray armchairs – will perfectly fit into the interior of your home, office or public institution. Let’s highlight their advantages:

  • Contamination is invisible. If the chair is gray, it doesn’t need to be dry-cleaned as often as it is white or cream. It gets dirty more slowly, scuffs are practically invisible on it.
  • Both trendy and classic. Today, shades of gray are used in the most fashionable interiors. But even when it ceases to be trendy, unlike other colors, it will turn not into obsolete, but into a classic.
  • Combines with many colors. To create a calm interior, you can combine white with graphite, milky with light gray. If you want to play on accents, combine models of gray tones with turquoise, gold, purple.
  • Doesn’t strain your eyes. It is easier to relax in a room with predominantly calm tones. Aggressive and vibrant designs look impressive, but can be visually tiring.
  • A palette of shades. The variety is amazing: marengo, platinum, steel, silver, metallic, gray, ash, graphite, wet asphalt and river mother-of-pearl.

Gray soft armchairs are versatile items that are appropriate in any room, regardless of the interior. Decide on the design of the furniture and see how harmoniously it will fit into the overall design.

Types of chairs

functional gray armchair

The prototype of the chair is a chair. But if the first was invented to just sit on it, the chair was invented for sitting comfortably. It is this furniture that creates an atmosphere of comfort and completes the interior.

There are many different designs:

  • Standard soft model. A popular option designed for relaxation and comfort. The design is almost always equipped with armrests and a high back.
  • Folding solution. A practical option: the furniture can be easily converted into a sleeping place without taking up a lot of space. Externally, the folding model looks like a classic soft version.
  • Recliner. They are confused with folding options, but this is a more functional design. Recliners can automatically fold. All models are equipped with retractable footrests. Such constructions are designed for complete relaxation. There are options with a built-in massager, minibar or stereo system.
  • Frameless construction. A model without a “skeleton” can be inflatable or filled. A gray beanbag chair is a popular option as it is non-staining and resistant to damage. It is a huge pear-shaped bag filled with rubber balls or loose polyurethane foam.
  • Rocking chair. There are several types: on runners, on springs, with a pendulum mechanism.
  • Office construction. Such models are usually on one leg and on wheels. The gray office chair can be with an anatomical or regular backrest, with or without armrests. The gaming models look similar, but they are equipped with a head pillow and a footrest.
  • Suspended structure. It has the shape of a cocoon or a ball, comes with a stand. The model is installed indoors and outdoors.

Several different armchairs can be combined in the interior. They must match in color or contrast.

Materials: upholstery and frame

fabric for chair

When buying upholstered furniture, they pay attention to the model, colors and practically do not take into account the material. But it depends on him how long the chair will retain its beautiful appearance, what it will be in care, whether it can be repaired in case of damage.

Let’s analyze the most popular materials that are used in the manufacture and upholstery of furniture. First of all, it is a variety of textiles.

Gray fabric chairs look noble, they are pleasant to touch and sit in.

If the fabric is damaged, it can be patched or re-covered. Textiles are washed with a special powder or gel, but it is better to use dry cleaning services.

The most popular options for textile upholstery gray chairs:

  • Velours… Soft fabric with a short pile – very dense, abrasion resistant. Bears a resemblance to corduroy and velvet. Gray velor armchairs look sophisticated. The fabric can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a cleaning vacuum cleaner.
  • Chenille… A more affordable alternative to velor. The composition contains synthetic fibers. The pile is applied to the fabric using a special glue. The material “breathes”, is considered hypoallergenic, antistatic.
  • Flock… Water-repellent synthetic fiber fabric. Practical: durable and resistant to minor mechanical damage. The material is easy to clean with a damp sponge.
  • Jacquard… It can be synthetic or cotton – in both cases, the fabric is dense. Furniture upholstered in gray jacquard retains color saturation for a long time. The texture of the fabric is smooth and durable.
  • Microfiber… Visually, the material is similar to suede: the same soft to the touch, elastic. The upholstery is cleaned using a steam generator. Microfiber is resistant to dirt, easy to clean and dries quickly.

Leather is a separate issue. Usually interior items are upholstered with artificial leather. This is an affordable analogue of natural, which also looks luxurious. It is easy to care for leatherette: it is enough to wipe the surface of the furniture with a damp cloth.

Some rocking chair models have wood inserts. Curly wood inserts are also found on the armrests in classic designs with soft upholstery.

Wicker options from vines and rattan are popular. Furniture companies make gray plastic or metal mesh chairs – usually office or play models.

When choosing furniture, consider whether there are children or animals in the house. In this case, the upholstery material should be easy to clean, not afraid of rubbing, pulling and scratches.

Variety of styles

comfortable gray armchair

Gray is one of the basic colors that is used in many interior solutions. Popular armchairs in this color range in the following styles:

  • Scandinavian… This is one-piece furniture with smooth corners, graceful curves. Usually, the structures are equipped with wooden cone-shaped legs, which are stable. These seats have a low seating position.
  • Shabby chic… Huge models with a high back and “ears” on it. Usually the back wall is covered with a carriage tie. For such pieces of furniture, velor, velvet and other pile fabrics are used.
  • Art Deco… Velvet upholstery, elongated backrest, unusual geometric shapes and the presence of sharp corners give out designs made in this style. Velor is also welcome in art deco.
  • Loft… Soft, voluminous seats on metal or wooden legs are a feature of such furniture. The gray gaming chairs harmoniously fit into the loft interior.
  • Provence… Rocking chairs, hanging models made of rattan and vines or fibers that imitate them, as well as structures made of wooden pallets, are perfectly combined with other objects of this style.

Choose furniture that will become an original accent or a harmonious addition to your interior.

How to fit furniture into the interior

gray armchair in the interior

A well-chosen armchair ceases to be just a piece of furniture. You can sit comfortably in it to enjoy a cup of coffee, watch your favorite movie. It refreshes the interior and pleases the eye.

After a careful search for a suitable gray model, it remains to skillfully fit it into the room. Usually, the design is bought in tandem with a sofa or sofa.

But buying a separate chair is not a problem, and sometimes even luck. A unique piece of furniture will become the highlight of a room or office.

Follow these guidelines:

  • Gray is a versatile color that goes well with most others. But what if the design is different in style? Use decor in the form of pillows, plaid, garlands, artificial flowers or embroidery with beads, stones.
  • If the purchased furniture does not fit into the overall interior, create a small island in which it will be the center. Place it in front of the fireplace or put a table or floor lamp next to it.
  • When placing the gray chair bed, make sure there is enough free space around in case the structure has to be expanded. Otherwise, you have to move the furniture every time you need a bed.

In the interior, a gray armchair always looks good. This is a practical piece of furniture that is equally appropriate both in a room with a minimum number of shapes, textures and colors, and among a variety of colors, fabrics and other materials.

And remember: whether it’s an office chair or a gray kid’s chair, it has to be of perfect quality. Neatly processed wood or metal, dense fabric, smooth seams, elastic filler – such furniture looks exquisite regardless of design.

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