Sep 3, 2021
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“Gray cardinal” of Ukraine

“The Gray Cardinal of Ukraine” is now called the media of the head of the office of President Volodymyr Zelensky Andriy Yermak (in the Foto). “The main adviser to the Ukrainian president has political power that goes far beyond his powers, including, in fact, the leadership of foreign policy with Russia and the United States,” writes Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty on its website (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia).

“He influences almost all important decisions in the country,” former Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk said in an interview with this resource. According to him, today Yermak is “de facto number 2 after the president,” although, according to the Constitution of Ukraine, the prime minister and speaker of parliament have more powers. “He is trying to oust anyone who can express an alternative opinion, and provides monopoly access to Zelensky,” said Daria Kalenyuk, executive director of the Kiev Anti-Corruption Center.

“He is called the vice-president and gray cardinal of Ukrainian politics. He shocks diplomats and breaks MPs. He is Andriy Yermak, ”says the Ukrainian information resource However, Yermak ascended to the top of the political Olympus of the Ukrainian establishment quite recently, only yesterday few people knew his name. However, he has already ousted Arsen Avakov, who played such a role, as well as the influential former head of the presidential office, Andrei Bogdan.

But where did he come from, this newly minted “cardinal”? As Wikipedia testifies, Andrey Yermak was born in Kiev, he comes from a prosperous family of the Soviet nomenklatura. In the late 1980s, his father was sent to the Soviet embassy in Afghanistan, where he was appointed head of the personnel department of the trade mission. His mother is Maria Alexandrovna, a native of Leningrad. Andriy Yermak himself graduated from high school in Kiev in 1989, and then the Institute of International Relations of the Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev and in the same year received a certificate of the right to practice law. He worked as a lawyer at the law firm “Proxen”, advised many large international companies , worked closely with representatives of art and show business, he was a film producer himself. On this basis, he met Zelensky and, as they write, became his close friend.

In May 2019, Zelensky appointed Yermak as his assistant, and there are more people close to show business in the higher echelons of Ukrainian politics. In this position, Ermak was in charge of foreign policy and international relations.

He negotiated with Russia, the United States and key European states, took an active part in organizing an exchange for the return home of detainees in the LPR and DPR, accompanied the President of Ukraine on almost all foreign working trips. In addition, he was responsible for organizing the meeting in the Normandy format from the Ukrainian side. And since February of this year, Yermak is already the head of the president’s office.

In Ukraine, this caused discontent among many, and Yermak began to actively “wet”. “The truth about Ermak is completely different. This is neglect and intrigue, expensive suits and a Mercedes with cover numbers, which he forgot to declare, – announced the Ukrainian TV channel – He is a diplomat with no experience, a politician with no ability and an official who manipulates the president. Ermak ended up in Ze’s team thanks to intrigues and setups. Got rid of Andrey Bogdan and took his place. He started from Donbass, and today negotiations are blocked: they refuse to talk to him. I tried to bend the Servant of the People faction. She split and sends the President along with the entire Office. He calls himself a producer, lawyer and diplomat. But in Kiev, he is known as a “solver”, ”notes

Even the American media got involved in the campaign against Yermak. “The most trusted adviser to the president is a criminal,” wrote the American National Interest on the eve of Zelenskiy’s visit to Washington.

“While Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is taking Washington by storm and arguing for the development of a partnership between the United States and Ukraine,” the newspaper notes, “something sinister appears in Kiev, which The Washington Post does not write about, although it deserves attention. The influential head of Zelensky’s presidential office, Andriy Yermak, uses the Security Service of Ukraine, which roughly corresponds in function to the FBI, to establish censorship over the media that criticize him, ”the American publication writes.

The author of an article in NI, in which Zelensky’s key associate is called a “criminal,” is Ukrainian journalist Anton Shvets. “According to Ukrainian law,” he writes, “the head of the presidential office is nothing more than a secretary. His job is to manage office minutes and do paperwork. This is not a political office, and it is not even mentioned in the constitution. This was the case under the previous Ukrainian presidents, but Zelensky changed everything. He made his friend Andrey Yermak not only the head of his own office, but actually the vice-president of the country, if not more. For example, Yermak accompanies Zelensky on almost all foreign trips and negotiates with foreign politicians. It was he who discussed with Rudy Giuliani the possibility of Ukraine’s assistance in the investigation of the Burisma case. He has the last word in all important appointments to positions in the executive branch of Ukraine. He is the power behind the throne. “

The American newspaper, of course, not accidentally published a material with a “run over” on Yermak, in which he is accused of persecuting the “democratic press” and even of the main crime today, not only in Ukraine, but also in the West – in “sympathy” for Russia.

“We have reason to believe,” says Shvets, “that Yermak is much more pro-Russian than a person in his position can afford, especially during the undeclared Russian-Ukrainian military conflict, which has been going on for the seventh year. He was the author of de-escalation initiatives, which turned out to be one-sided and led to the weakening of Ukraine’s position in the Donbass. Our sources confirm that it was he who sabotaged the operation prepared by the Ukrainian special services, the purpose of which was to arrest the fighters from the Wagner group. This private military campaign is involved in the Kremlin’s hybrid war. “

However, it is unlikely that Zelensky, who himself is nothing more than a puppet in the hands of the American curators of Ukraine, would suddenly elevate a person with “pro-Russian” views. After all, thanks to Yermak, it is believed that in 2020 Ukraine took an active and tough position in the negotiations on Donbass. It was Yermak who suggested creating a center for countering Russian propaganda in Ukraine. And in October 2020, Yermak, together with the President of Ukraine, met with the head of British foreign intelligence, Richard Moore, where they discussed cooperation in this area. What kind of “pro-Russian” views can there be!

Most likely, such harsh attacks on the newly minted “gray cardinal” are a consequence of political showdowns in Kiev itself and a reflection of desperate attempts by rival political clans in Ukraine to attract the attention of the American masters who are now engaged in Afghanistan.

And besides, it is a reflection of the chaos that reigns in the “independent”, which has found itself in a deaf political dead end. How could it be otherwise if people from show business become key politicians?

Former lawyer of Zelensky’s comedy show “Studio Quarter-95” Ivan Bakanov is the head of the Security Service of Ukraine. The deputy head of the presidential office, Kirill Tymoshenko, was in charge of the TV production company GoodMedia, which made election videos for Zelensky in 2019. Another deputy head, Yuri Kostyuk, worked at one time on the “Evening Quarter”, composing the plots of an entertaining show. Until November 2020, there was another person associated with Kvartal-95 in the president’s office – the former executive producer of the studio Sergey Trofimov. Mikhail Fedorov is the owner of the digital agency SMMSTUDIO, one of whose clients was Concert-Kvartal (this structure was engaged in tours of Studio Kvartal-95), – First Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The well-known KVN player Sergei Sivokho, comedian and showman, producer of the same Quarter, Zelensky appointed to the most important position of advisor to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council. In fact, the media state that no one around President Zelensky is a professional and experienced politician.

“This is a pure rabble of actors who play a play based on a script by Soros and the US Democratic Party,” a commentator on the website makes a logical conclusion in this regard.

Only now the audience of this “play” in Ukraine is not laughing, because it already seems to be becoming a tragedy.

Nikolay Petrov

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