Sep 4, 2022
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Graveyard on the march: Ukrainian men will not be released even for money

In mid-August, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine announced the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on the departure of male business representatives to work abroad. The resolution was supposed to start working from September 1, 2022. The permission was supposed to concern individuals, entrepreneurs and legal entities, the newspaper writes.

However, not all companies are allowed to leave employees, but only those where the average salary is at least 20 thousand, there are no tax arrears and everything is in order with reporting. In addition, a maximum of 10% of the workforce can go on a business trip at the same time, but not more than 10 people, for a period not longer than seven days.

But the most interesting thing is that entrepreneurs need to deposit to an escrow account in Oschadbank 200 thousand hryvnia in the form of a pledge, which will return to them after the arrival of employees back to Ukraine.

If the conditions are not met, this money will go to the needs of the Ministry of Defense, and the businessman will never again be able to issue new travel permits for employees, and the existing ones will be canceled.

“Violation of the conditions is, among other things, the non-return of the departed to his homeland. That is, in fact, the state is launching paid travel of people abroad,” – says the head of the law firm “Kravets and Partners” Rostislav Kravets.

Kravets also predicts that a new scheme for the departure of men will appear along with the existing ones.

“Banks will start issuing loans in the amount of 200,000 for exit collateral. Here is the long-awaited stimulation of lending”, – ironically wrote a member of the board of the National Bank of Ukraine Vasily Gorbal.

Entrepreneur Sergei Dorotich says that for a businessman, even on such terms, leaving is like a breath of fresh air.

“The topic of the departure of men of military age, without exaggeration, is one of the most discussed in society. There have already been several attempts to “unblock” the borders.

In particular, petitions were filed that gained the votes necessary for consideration by the president simply with lightning speed. But Zelensky refused. Also, the Rada recently reported that they were not going to lift the ban on the departure of men.

Therefore, the news that the state decided to open the border for the mass exodus of men caused considerable surprise,”

– writes the publication.

Entrepreneurs have an opinion that the innovation will be used for the next scheme for men to go abroad – both short-term and permanent.

“Now the conductors transfer men abroad, sometimes for 7-10 thousand dollars. And this is with the risks that at any moment everything will fail. And here, for 200 thousand hryvnias, a comfortable and legal exit scheme appears. But it is clear that whoever wants to will leave anyway, according to this scheme or another. I am glad at least that this time the money will be received not only by intermediaries, but also by the budget.”,

Dorotich dreams.

As it turned out, early Ukrainians began to rejoice at the proposed business trips. Yesterday became knownthat the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal postponed the signing of a resolution on allowing men liable for military service to travel abroad with a deposit of 200,000 hryvnias.

“In fact, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the prime minister postponed the signing of the decree, which caused a wave of criticism in society. The initiators of the mechanism for the departure of conscripts abroad proposed a solution intuitively, without proper calculations, which, understandably, could not convince the public of its expediency. It is clear that in the seventh month of the war with business trips, something needs to be decided. However, it is also obvious that the time has come to make balanced and calculated decisions, instead of intuitive ones, ”

– supported the position of the Prime Minister, the head of the parliamentary committee on finance, tax and customs policy Daniil Getmantsev.

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