Nov 13, 2021
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Grandpa became famous on the Internet because of the photos he did not delete

grandfather didn't delete photosWhen a grandfather named Ron decided he no longer needed an iPad, he gifted the device to his grandson.

grandfather didn't delete photos

However, the elderly man completely forgot that many unreleased photographs remained in his memory. Basically, these are selfies of dubious quality and, oddly enough, photos of the feet of the former owner of the iPad. Having decided that the “film” of Ron’s grandfather was quite funny and interesting, the younger relative showed it to the world.

grandfather didn't delete photos

Well, now the author of the photos has become famous in social networks – people actively look at his work, especially giggling at their feet. It seems that any pictures, even the most unfortunate ones, should never be deleted – what if they open the way for us to popularity?


Ron film with rare aesthetics

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