Oct 15, 2020
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Grandmothers in a related way. How the state will support the family business

The Russian government has included the introduction of a collective or family patent into the economic recovery plan. "AiF" found out what it will give to entrepreneurs.

No extra paperwork

The idea of ​​a family patent was proposed by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. And this initiative is not only about taxes. “Within the family, many issues are resolved informally,” says Vice-President of the RF CCI Elena Dybova, herself in the past run a family company. - Schoolchildren help their parents, pensioners help their adult children, and they are not officially hired for work. And if you keep the documentation strictly in accordance with the legislation, then in such a company you will have to issue 40 different orders, instructions and reports regarding working conditions and remuneration. "

The conclusion suggests itself: it is necessary to synchronize life and laws in enterprises organized in a similar way. So far, among the most popular options for legalizing participation in a family business is the registration of an individual entrepreneur. Two years ago, the FTS found even one 94-year-old entrepreneur in its database. But with the advent of the family patent, the need for such tricks will disappear.

“Instead of several taxes and fees relying on each employee of the family firm, only one is paid,” says E. Dybova about the design of the collective patent. - It will be possible to enter into this document spouses, their parents, children, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, as well as grandparents of each of the spouses, brothers and sisters of the parents of each of the spouses, adoptive parents, adopted children. And the fact of obtaining a patent for this group of people will mean that they can build relationships with each other in accordance with production needs. "

2 to 15 people

“This is how we work,” confirms Natalia Krivenkova, which, together with her husband, created in the Belgorod region. goat farm "Krinitsa". - When the milking equipment breaks down at night, the husband rushes 30 km from home to fix everything by morning. When the demand for goat's milk dropped in spring due to quarantine in Moscow, family savings had to be spent. "

“We have three generations in business, and each has brought something of its own into it,” says head of the family enterprise "Stitches" from the Leningrad region. Ruslana Stolyarenko. Her mother founded the company, relying on the experience in trade, gained since the Soviet era. Ruslana herself is an experienced manager and engineer. And a page in social networks for communication with clients has already been opened by the daughter and granddaughter of Olesya.

“Family businesses in all countries are more resilient in difficult days. Such firms are better than any employment service in providing jobs for young people, retirees and pre-retirees. In the global economy, they create 50 to 80% of all jobs. This is precisely why the government included the family patent in its anti-crisis program. It can be legalized from 2021, - sums up E. Dybova. - According to our information, the new business regime is supposed to be extended to micro-enterprises with a turnover of up to 60 million rubles. a year, where 2 to 15 people work. A collective patent can be issued for a group of relatives, and all other employees can be hired in accordance with the Labor Code. "

Who benefits from this?

The FTS has not yet announced the final decision on the financial parameters of the patent. But as reported President of Opora Rossii Alexander Kalinin, its cost will be calculated by analogy with the tax for the self-employed - presumably at a rate of 4 to 6% of the potential annual income that a microfirm can receive in its area of ​​business in its region. However, unlike the regime for the self-employed, a collective patent will not exempt relative entrepreneurs from contributions to the Pension Fund and Medstrakh. This payment will be calculated according to the same rules as for individual entrepreneurs.

“In our peasant farm there are only 2 people from one family, and there are also 12 hired workers. But all the same, our work will be simplified if we can use the collective patent, ”N. Krivenkova believes.

“Family status will help legalize employees-relatives and will give more opportunities for growth to very small firms, where the basis of the team is close people,” E. Dybova is sure. - For example, bankers say they can reduce the requirements for such enterprises when issuing loans. After all, it is less risky for the bank, when not one entrepreneur, but his entire family is actually responsible for the return of the money received ”.

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