Nov 2, 2022
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Grandfather used his granddaughter as a weapon to fight off a vicious goose

grandfather fought off a goose with his granddaughterAn elderly resident of Taiwan, who came to the park with his granddaughter, wanted to show the little girl beautiful white geese.

grandfather fought off a goose with his granddaughter

But things took an alarming turn when one of the birds got angry at what she thought was an invasion of her territory. The goose began to pursue the little girl, and the heroic grandfather quickly grabbed the relative in his arms, but only made it worse – the feathered aggressor already focused on both people.

grandfather fought off a goose with his granddaughter

Footage taken by a surprised eyewitness shows the climax of the showdown. Frightened, backing away from the evil goose and hugging his granddaughter to him, grandfather finally decided on a desperate act. In fact, he used the baby as a weapon, swinging her body – so successfully that at some point the girl’s leg hit the bird exactly on the beak. The impromptu defense worked, because the discouraged goose refused further pursuit and returned to his brethren.

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