Apr 25, 2022
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GPS is almost invisible – pilots will have to fly over a pack of “Belomor”

GPS is almost invisible - pilots will have to fly over a packet of "Belomor"

Photo: Donat Sorokin/TASS

The Anlo-Saxon is shitting again. This time it’s American. Now – in the air. On the ground it seems to her a little. It seems like quite reliable (previously), convenient and familiar to civilian pilots, GPS, it turns out, can malfunction. The Federal Air Transport Agency warns about this, to which Izvestia refers. Such incidents are possible in the Baltic region, the Black Sea, not far from Cyprus, Israel and Turkey.

It was “a subtle allusion to thick circumstances.” A number of articles have already been fired in the American press, exaggerating the same topic: isn’t it time to cut Russia off from the world’s most widespread satellite system? At least they were warned. And thanks for that.

The head of Roskosmos was the first to react to this information stuffing Dmitry Rogozin. He simply suggested replacing GPS with GLONASS and “not stressing too much” about it. He also promised to send the appropriate “technical plans” on this matter to the Ministry of Transport and the Federal Air Transport Agency. We supposedly have a system to which every smartphone is connected.

After Rogozin’s statement, a fierce discussion took off and swirled in aviation circles. There were already three camps – anti-jeepies, pro-jeeps and “undecided”. Or rather, “confused”.

Test pilot, Honored Pilot of Russia Vadim Bazykin called the abandonment of the GPS global positioning system critical for flights.

“Modern pilots don’t have the skills to fly without navigation. People have not been taught otherwise for a long time. Now they are taken to the Federal Air Transport Agency according to other criteria. The first is knowledge of English. The second is the ability to manage a computer. If third-generation aircraft were controlled by pilots, then modern aircraft are controlled by a computer. And the computer – or rather several at once – is controlled by the pilot. And everything happens on this very GPS system.

From the outside, this is a bit like a generation gap. Here, they say, the old guard was what we needed, but the modern generation cannot take a step without computers. They won’t rise to the sky! However, there would be a head on his shoulders, the rest can be dealt with, Bazykin is sure.

– It’s okay (in replacing navigation systems, – WELL.) I think no. Within two weeks, maybe a month, you can still master the new system. And for someone it will be necessary to refresh the memory of the old – how we used to fly. This is all critical as long as there is no method of flight training. She, unfortunately, was lost.

So is the replacement critical or is it not very? And what, learning a new system for a couple of weeks is such a big problem for pilots? They actually studied at their institutes for five years … And nothing – they got to the desired profession.

– The refusal of Russian aircraft from GPS is a problem, indeed, a serious one, – I am convinced Director of the Capital Market Department at Univer Capital Artyom Lyutik.

– More than one generation of pilots and navigators has grown up, who do not have sufficient knowledge and experience to use more traditional navigation systems. Now the number of aircraft used by Russian companies is limited by the closure of the sky in a number of areas. And replacing equipment with GLONASS should not take long. And one way or another, it is worth abandoning the use of GPS in modern conditions. Even if there were no facts of distortion and signal substitution, which became known. This must be done at least in order not to finance the structures of countries that are pursuing an extremely hostile policy against Russia. It may even be worth banning aircraft from third countries from using GLONASS equipment in Russian airspace.

Aviation analyst Roman Gusarov stated that the use of GLONASS instead of GPS is quite safe for flights.

– GPS is not the main navigation system used by Russian pilots. There are others. In aviation, the readings of all instruments are taken from different sources. The more there are, the more information. If two systems coincide, and the third shows another, it is clear which of them is lying. In the air, any pilot uses different systems for safety net. Among them are the European Galileo, the Chinese Compass (Beidou) and, of course, the native GLONASS. And GPS is an auxiliary system. Even if the GPS signal completely disappears, the pilots will still transport passengers reliably.

Political scientist and journalist Yuri Svetov believes that the sooner we leave the American system, the better.

– In the current circumstances, it is pointless to talk about the observance of some rights. The US will still do as it sees fit. They aim to crush Russia. And the fact that this can lead to catastrophes, to human casualties, does not bother them at all.

An interesting point of view on the problem was expressed by the Russian political scientist Sergei Mikheev. At one time, he also had the most direct relation to aviation. But the love of politics replaced the former passion. According to the political scientist, interference with the GPS system will sooner or later lead to air disasters. And this “air terrorism” is quite in the style and spirit of the Americans.

This philippic is justified. In the Middle East, where US foreign policy has led to millions of victims, America is generally openly called a terrorist state. The American establishment has traditionally sponsored terrorists, disregarding the lives of citizens of “unfriendly” countries. And what prevents the same special services from turning off their GPS from Russian aircraft when they fly across the ocean or the Himalayas, where after the crash the plane will be searched for months in some gorge?

Moreover, “sleeping Joe” (Biden) itself periodically “disconnects from GPS”. Either he will confuse his wife with his sister at performances, or he will shake hands with the void. This public affront with a handshake, even among American journalists, caused a volcanic release of bile, poisonous sarcasm and mocking witticisms. And politicians all over the world have anxiety and reasonable fears. When the president of the world’s largest nuclear power is periodically in suspended animation, overplayed secret services stuffed with “hawks” can play out until a nuclear war and turn half the world into ashes.

Americans, as you know, are great masters of bringing the situation to the red line, the crisis, putting the world on the brink of disaster. This is a generic feature of their politics. They even snap their own presidents like partridges when they deviate from the “party line”, and they don’t care at all about foreign peoples, countries and continents. In the same conflict blazing in Ukraine, they are ready to supply weapons for as long as they like – if only as many Slavs as possible died in the crucible of hostilities.

So to arrange a couple of disasters in the air, drowning out the GPS for a while, it would be quite in their style. Nothing personal, just hate. To the Russians.

Summarizing all of the above, I would like to add my “five kopecks” to this discussion.
First. Our army (and army aviation) have long since switched to their own guidance system. And judging by the fact that our “Caliber”, “Daggers” and “Iskanders”, being launched a thousand miles from the target, even hit a moving tank, the navigation system is working properly.

Second. GPS appeared not so long ago. Russian aviation has existed for much longer. But how did our pilots fly without GPS before? Did you navigate by the stars?

Third. It is possible that GPS is more comfortable to use than GLONASS. And you get used to good things quickly. So the pilots do not want to “hemorrhoid” and retrain to the domestic system. But the army team (including the pilots) have learned. And they use it successfully, efficiently and effectively. What is the problem? In the deprivation of the usual comfort? Well, sorry.

I would like to immodestly remind civilian pilots that they currently have one of the highest salaries in Russia. From three hundred thousand to half a million a month. Above – only the top managers of Gazprom. For that kind of money, you can learn something like GLONASS – learn Chinese. At least, that part of it that is connected with aviation. Of course, it is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick. It is better to press the same buttons, watch the same cards, work according to the knurled system, not particularly straining the brain, and get a “chocolate” salary for this.

But there is one caveat. We live in difficult times, and the West has declared war on us. And the victims in this war can be our citizens flying on board the aircraft you are leading. And their life is definitely dearer to us than the spiritual comfort and unwillingness to learn our “dear” (in the literal sense of the word) pilots.

So learn the materiel, gentlemen. No need to shake the air. You have to fly on it. And it is sure and maximum safely.

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