Jan 12, 2022
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Got out of the trap

Got out of the trap

A nurse from Lyuberets near Moscow, mother of two young children, Ekaterina Rotar, whose tragedy MN wrote about, managed to defend her apartment with a microfinance organization (MFO), which was trying to illegally deprive a woman of square meters.

Let us briefly recall the story of Katya. Two and a half years ago, a young woman urgently needed money. And she decided to get a loan.

The bank refused due to the low income of a nurse in a covid hospital. Rotar had to turn to intermediaries – MFIs.

Ekaterina signed a document stating that her apartment becomes a pledge. Has issued credit 1 million 250 thousand rubles. Moreover, the woman was given exactly 1 million. The rest of the MFO employees were detained, allegedly for the intermediary services of the company.

Catherine’s relatives, having learned about her debt, chipped in as much as they could – and two months after the loan was issued, the young nurse repaid the debt. About which she received a receipt at the MFO office that the lender has no financial claims against her.

However, she soon received a notice that her apartment … was being sold for the very debt that she allegedly did not pay.

And it took Ekaterina Rotar two years in court to prove her right to her own home.

The key document in her favor was two examinations, which established the authenticity of the debt repayment receipt, and the fact that the signature on the receipt of money from her really belongs to the lender.

Now the mother of two children Ekaterina Rotar knows for sure that it is dangerous to get involved with microfinance organizations.

– If the MFO invites you to sign an agreement in which the word “mortgage” appears (that is, by signing the document, you seem to take your own apartment for yourself in a mortgage), then you have to run without looking back, without signing anything, – says the learned bitter Katya’s experience – because this is a cunning trap that, unfortunately, many people fall into. And they are deprived of their home, often the only one, just as my children and I almost lost our only apartment.

– And if you have already signed and fell into the trap, then do not listen to the pessimists who begin to lament that “you are gone, collect the children and things and move out, the MFO is a real apartment mafia, against which you are powerless, the courts have been bought by them …” my environment also lacked such mourners. But I believed in the fairness of the Russian judicial system. And I am very glad that I was not mistaken. So if you feel that you are in the right, then do not give up, fight in all legal ways available to you, – summarizes Rotar.

The nurse thanks the Russian Bar Association for Human Rights and personally the head Maria Bast, who provided qualified legal support in her difficult case.

The organization’s lawyers, in turn, took a promise from Ekaterina that she would bypass various MFOs by the seventh road.

Victoria Kataeva.

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