Oct 17, 2020
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Gosha Kutsenko said that he broke up with Maria Poroshina because of the temptations surrounding him

10:51, 17.10.

The artist regrets that he could not maintain a relationship with his wife.

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Gosha Kutsenko and Maria Poroshina met when the future actress came to enroll in a theater university. At the entrance exams, the artist attracted the attention of Gosha Kutsenko, who was six years older than her and was in his third year. The relationship of the students quickly grew into a romantic one, and soon Maria became pregnant. The actors' daughter Polina was born in 1996.

Kutsenko and Poroshina, after the birth of their daughter, could not maintain a relationship and soon parted. It is known that after the breakup the stars managed not to conflict, moreover, they worked together on the set more than once. As Kutsenko himself admitted, his relationship with Poroshina collapsed due to the fact that he was too young.

“I can only judge by my life experience. Of course, the child most often keeps the family. But it also checks the relationship of its parents. Unfortunately, my eldest daughter Polina could not keep me and Masha Poroshina. It was the mid-90s. I was not ready for family life, like my character in this play. Steeped in temptations. Figuratively speaking, young people then got into racing cars, not knowing how to drive them. As a result, there were so many broken lives! " - Gosha Kutsenko shared with journalists.

Maria Poroshina and Gosha Kutsenko with their daughter Polina

After parting with Maria Poroshina, Gosha Kutsenko married model Irina Skrinichenko. In 2014, the artist and fashion model had a daughter, who was named Eugenia, and in 2017, the couple had another baby - Svetlana. The actor has repeatedly noted that, due to the busy schedule of work, he rarely sees his family, but he manages to establish a trusting relationship with his daughters.

Gosha Kutsenko spent the quarantine period well, because he had time to stop and just be with his family, not rushing to shoot and rehearse at the theater. “I finally became close to my youngest daughters. One - already six years old and another - three years. We were together for a long time. And during this time they fell into a stream of mutual love that had not been felt before. The family lives outside the city. I run all the time: now to the shooting, then to the theater, then to my own concerts. We hardly see each other. Girls ask me: where are you? Still good! I understand their logic: it would be uninteresting, boring, then get on with it! Logics. And I explain: dad - an earner of food and toys. While! Well then hugs ", - added the artist in a conversation with journalists "KP".

Gosha Kutsenko with his wife Irina Skrinichenko

The period of the coronavirus pandemic did not pass without a trace for Kutsenko. On October 6 of this year, the artist learned that he had had COVID-19. The actor did not feel any signs of infection, but an antibody test showed that the infection was still there. Kutsenko added that he felt a slight discomfort in winter, but did not pay attention to it.

Now Gosha Kutsenko is very attentive to his health, as he is afraid of contracting the coronavirus for the second time. The artist said that he always carries a medical mask with him and encourages all his fans to do so. Also in quarantine, the actor managed to injure his back and hips. To improve his health, Kutsenko walked many kilometers every day, but he began to feel only worse due to aggravated injuries.

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