Apr 1, 2021
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Gosha Kutsenko for the first time in a long time came out with his 25-year-old daughter from Maria Poroshina

20:27, 01.04.2021

The artist, together with Polina, attended the premiere of the film “Be My Kirill”.

The premiere of a romantic comedy took place yesterday at the Moscow cinema “Cosmos” Alla Eliseeva “Be my Kirill”… Among the first viewers of the film were many representatives of Russian show business. Among other stars, the film screening was attended by Gosha Kutsenko… The artist was accompanied by his 25-year-old daughter from Maria Poroshina Pauline, with which the actor was published for the first time in a long time.

Recall that Polina’s stellar parents met while studying at the theater institute. Kutsenko noticed Poroshina at the entrance exams and came up to meet him. Maria was flattered by the attention of a student who turned out to be six years older than her, so the actress responded to Gosha’s initiative. The friendship between the artists quickly developed into a romance, and in 1996 the couple had a common child. However, even Polina could not save her parents from the breakup, which occurred shortly after the girl was born.

Gosha Kutsenko with his daughter Polina at the premiere

However, Kutsenko and Poroshina were able to maintain good relations for the sake of a common child. Even after parting, the stars supported Polina in all endeavors and often attended events with her daughter together. In addition, the actors also continued to work together on the sets of various projects. Last year Gosha told in more detail about the reasons for his break with Maria. According to Kutsenko, at the time of Polina’s birth, he was not ready for family life. “I looked at the soboaznakh,” the actor explained.

Now Kutsenko and Poroshina rarely show their daughter to the public. Last time snapshot Polina appeared on Maria’s microblog on Instagram in October last year. In a commentary on the publication, Gosha’s former lover said that her daughter got a role in one of the productions at the Taganka Theater. It is worth noting that Polina from an early age decided to follow in the footsteps of her stellar parents. Even as a child, the girl took part in the filming of films and TV series, although she performed episodic roles. Later, Kutsenko’s daughter attended preparatory courses at the Moscow Art Theater School, and then tried to enter GITIS, but could not pass the second round of tests. As a result, Polina ended up in the Theater Institute named after. Shchukin.

Gosha Kutsenko and Maria Poroshina with a common daughter

We add that after breaking up with Poroshina, Kutsenko managed to establish his personal life. In 2012, the actor married a model Irina Skrinichenko… Two years after the wedding, the couple had a daughter Evgeniya, and three years later – the second girl Svetlana… Earlier, Gosha complained more than once that, due to his busy work schedule, he rarely managed to spend enough time with his family. However, the artist added that even despite this, he was able to establish a trusting and warm relationship with his daughters.

As for the rest of the guests of the premiere screening of the comedy “Be My Kirill”, the participants of the reality show also attracted the attention of themselves at the event. “Last Hero” Elena Bartkova and Alexandra Maslakova… Stars first published after the end of filming for the third season of the show. Interestingly, both Bartkova and Maslakova looked fresh and vigorous despite the harsh conditions in which they recently had to survive in reality.

Gosha Kutsenko with Irina Skrinichenko

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