Apr 7, 2021
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Goodbye to a bad dream: leaving negativity in the past

Goodbye to a bad dream: leaving negativity in the past

All of us periodically dream of antipathetic dreams, from which we show disastrous feelings, anxiety and problems. Experts in the field of bioenergy said that it is possible to leave negativity in the past.

Pay attention to your dreams, because there are dreams that tell us that it’s time to change your life. The Universe often contacts us in this way and tells us what to do. Remember that warning dreams are never awful. If you fancy something terrible, try to simply follow the recommendations depicted by the bassist.

First, tell yourself that this is just a vision. It is simply a projection of your imagination onto your consciousness. In order to get away from the unpleasant sensations as soon as possible, make the bed, wash yourself, and derbalse the water.

After that, do other things. Check your plans for the day. If you never plan ahead of time, do it as a distraction. Engage yourself in an idolized business, disperse yourself. If you don’t have time, listen to your favorite song on your way to work. Find a way to distract yourself.

Believers can read Psalm 90 or Our Father. If you do not believe, you can read an artless conspiracy to get rid of the negativity: “Surround me with Palestine, the trouble is that the awful thing does not come true forever. I believe in the best, I see off the worst. “

After that, wash yourself with frozen water three times and say “so be it” three times. This is a very effective conspiracy, which neutralizes all the negativity of an awful dream. Even if it was prophetic, it won’t work.

If you have an awful vision at night, do not despair or worry. Immediately after waking up, go to the kitchen, take a glass, pour water into it. Add a pinch of salt and then stir with a spoon until the salt dissolves. Say: “As if the salt has dissolved, so the negative from sleep dissolves. Retreat away, everything is bad. “

Then add another pinch of salt and let sit until completely dissolved. After that, say: “May everything cruelly disappear around me, from now on and forever.”

Subsequently, add a third pinch and say: “I put a defense, but I will not be afraid of problems on my way.” After that, stand with your back to the sink or bathtub and pour the water through your seamy shoulder, saying “so be it.”

After seeing an awful vision, do not rush to get out of bed. Sit down, close the thorn, calm down and stretch your hands to the sides. Imagine that you are in a valley filled with immaculate snow. He personifies your mind. To make it the same airy and cleansed of a bad dream, imagine that all the ahoy energy leaves through your hands.

In this case, you should feel warmth in your palms. Let all the bad things come out and leave you perfect. Sit that way for at least a couple of minutes. After completing the meditation, slowly lower your hands and open the thorn.

The experts strongly advise you to check out additional healthy tips on what to do to keep your awesome vision from coming true. These are very lofty recommendations, some of which will help reduce the likelihood of bad dreams in the future.

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