Jan 8, 2021
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Good statuses with meaning

In order to put your life in order, you need to start with the right things. Namely – with good statuses with meaning.

May everything always be on timelow self-esteem

  1. Don’t be sad if you have low self-esteem: just see how many heights you can achieve.
  2. Life is cool. Each takes exactly as much as he needs, without prejudice to the other. The main thing is to know how.
  3. Sometimes a philosophical attitude to the world is much better than talent, intelligence and beauty combined.
  4. Get away from those with whom you are not on the way in time: you will involuntarily follow their path.
  5. If you suffer from high self-esteem in others, remind them that not every pig with wings is a pure angel.
  6. Not every brilliant personality is worth close attention: maybe it’s just a shard of glass.
  7. While others wondered who the ideal man or the ideal woman was, we quietly built quiet happiness out of us imperfect.
  8. People often think about who they came from, and not about what would be useful to do in this life.
  9. Learn to understand the difference between “fit” and “be in the right place.” This is the key to success.

Enjoy the good before the bad comesthe girl enjoys a good mood

The best statuses with meaning are unlikely to reveal something completely new to you. But they will definitely help to look at the world from the other side!

  1. While looking for the cream that is usually on top, don’t accidentally stumble upon anything else.
  2. In no case do not rush to live. But it’s not worth time making decisions either!
  3. Know that if you are completely okay alone with yourself – there is nothing terrible about it.
  4. Do not be offended by the person who spreads gossip about you. Moreover, if you do not know him.
  5. We all know situations when we really want to be alone. And there are situations when you are clearly not averse to talking at least with a stranger …
  6. Don’t be afraid of people who are constantly silent. Maybe they just thought of a surprise for you!
  7. In order not to be mistaken in a friend, do not exaggerate his value to yourself.
  8. If today you have to work hard, do not be sad: there will definitely be at least some kind of rest ahead of you.
  9. If you do not consider yourself too smart, and do not suffer from this, then you are undemanding to others.

We are all not alonewoman waiting

If you do not have to choose, a crane in the sky, or a tit in your hand, appreciate what you have. It is a crane, or a tit … The best statuses with meaning will help you to understand the essence of all this.

  1. Don’t be simple about everyone. You just have to keep it simple!
  2. Don’t be angry that a chance encounter hasn’t brought any results. Perhaps she herself is the result.
  3. Do you understand what to do instead of waiting? Perhaps you need to wait, but in another place …
  4. Try not to lie: it’s not that bad, it’s definitely unhealthy!
  5. Love depends not only on the person you love. Love depends on the person who loves!
  6. Think what is living in the past? And what lives in the present? So, neither there nor there you yourself!
  7. In our world, you can take whatever you like. What a pity that a little later you still have to pay …
  8. Do not pay attention to what you write, and you are not answered. You never know how much nonsense could have accumulated during this time!
  9. The more times you have to believe again, the more difficult it is to believe in principle.

Appreciate not only your friends, but also good old acquaintances!real friends

Good statuses with the meaning of VK are liked only by special people. Read on and make sure you belong to them too!

  1. If you are released, this does not mean that everything is over. Perhaps everything is just beginning!
  2. You can become a real person long before you go out to people …
  3. When the rumors say only bad things about you, break the mold and start only good things yourself.
  4. We are all so puzzled by the question of whether there is another life that we have completely forgotten about the one we are living now godlessly.
  5. In fact, we all know what to do. But the one who is not afraid wins.
  6. As soon as a person realizes that he can leave at any moment, the craving for freedom immediately becomes less tempting.
  7. It is expensive to live now, to live as a real person is practically unrealistic.
  8. Please yourself, no one knows how to do it really well!

If you are relatively free, you are already happythe girl is free and happy

Kind statuses with meaning will help you relax and forget about hard everyday life!

  1. Don’t listen to any advice: all the best is already in you!
  2. Noticing that justice in this world is completely absent, rejoice that now you are free to do everything.
  3. Let’s always be faithful to friends, and never offend loved ones!
  4. Not sure where to start? Come up with a dream!
  5. Having a brain does not imply a mind, and having joy does not imply meaning.
  6. Don’t be afraid to say the wrong thing. You will have a lot of time to change!
  7. Honesty is not really a reward. This is its highest price!
  8. If you’ve forgiven too much in your life, it’s never too late to stop.

Great statuses with meaning is your chance to boost the mood of all your friends from the list and, of course, yourself.

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