Apr 23, 2022
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Going to the wedding of a friend, a woman wants to wear a dress in which she herself got married

girlfriend wedding dressA guest who comes to someone else’s wedding in her own wedding dress will quite rightly cause a wave of negativity in her address.

girlfriend wedding dress

But in the case of the heroine of this story, everything is not so simple. She got married five years ago wearing a beautiful purple dress for the City Hall ceremony. Now it is the best outfit in her wardrobe, and, going to a friend’s wedding, the lady is considering whether it would be appropriate to put on her favorite purple dress again. The bride was not at the wedding of our heroine and knows nothing about the dress, but there is one mutual friend who can remember that the heroine of this story got married in the same outfit.

girlfriend wedding dress

The woman turned to Internet users for advice, and most of them assured her that everything was in order. A purple dress does not contradict the wedding dress code. But there were people who added a fly in the ointment to a barrel of honey. They believe that no matter how the outfit looks, the appearance of a friend in her own wedding dress at the wedding is a rather strange act.

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