Nov 11, 2022
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Going Galich abandoned beloved


Stas Kruglitsky spoke about the breakup with the host Ida Galich.

At the beginning of the year, the Network got footage in which Ida Galich hugs the author of the meme “And everything is already.” The couple did not comment on the relationship, but actively hinted at a romance. As it turns out, the bloggers have already parted ways, leaving fans wondering why they broke up.

In September, Ida Galich unexpectedly announced that her heart was free. The blogger decided to focus on work and family. The end of the relationship was also confirmed by 35-year-old Stas Kruglitsky. In a recent interview, he stopped talking in riddles when answering questions about the brunette. “Are we meeting? Not”, — unequivocally said the star of the Network.

The author of the image of Santana Novikova did not go into the details of the breakup, but, obviously, everything went on a peaceful note. The blogger spoke warmly about the former: “Ida Galich is a good person and I am a good person. two good people together“.

Ida Galich - photo from the archive -
Ida Galich – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

According to rumors, former lovers even continue to communicate. So, recently he was recognized in the pictures on Ida’s personal blog. The man came to support the brunette when she had problems with her neighbor. “There lives an unbalanced type who is put into a psychiatric hospital every six months.“, she shared.

By the way, Kruglitsky himself had to deal with inadequate people. “There was some girl who wrote threats under all the posts: “I will kill you. My brothers will slaughter you and scatter the ashes over the steppe in Kazakhstan.” I ended up contacting the girl she was following, asking what was going on. She replied, “Don’t worry, she has mental problems. No one will scatter your ashes”, he recalled in the YouTube show “Cyberethics”.

Recall that earlier Ida Galich was married to fellow blogger Alan Basiev. The couple broke up after three years of relationship, despite the birth of a son. The brunette categorically refuses to say why the marriage fell apart. She explained her decision by the fact that she simply did not want to spoil the child’s impression of her father.

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