Apr 30, 2022
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Going down the water slide, the man was not in the water, but on land

descent from the water slideWhen we slide down a waterslide, we expect the breathtaking fun ride to end in the water.

descent from the water slide

But with this visitor to the water park, everything turned out differently. The young man, lying down on the board, developed such speed that he slipped over the entire surface of the pool, and as a result he was carried to the opposite bank.

descent from the water slide

The audience was surprised by such a trick (although it is not clear if everything was done by accident or if the stranger does this regularly). Some people compared the main character of the frames with the superhero Aquaman, while other commentators noticed that it was very good that there was no one in the way of the stuntman, because the collision would not have been pleasant.

The dancer not only rolled down the water slide, but also surprised everyone with a break dance

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