Mar 22, 2022
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Going down the cable car, the boy crashed into a sloth

the boy crashed into the slothA young visitor to the Go Adventure Arenal Park (La Fortuna, Costa Rica) got up close and personal with wildlife, although he did not want to at all.

the boy crashed into the sloth

The boy was going down the cable car and suddenly ran into a sloth who decided to rest on the cable. Due to the fact that the young adventurer managed to slow down, he was not injured, as well as the animal. True, the boy told the guide that he hit the unfortunate animal “right in the face.”

the boy crashed into the sloth

We had to wait a bit with the further descent, because it was necessary to wait until the sloth climbed onto the lower platform. By the way, the employees of Go Adventure Arenal Park explained that they had checked the cable car a few minutes before, so the sloth showed uncharacteristic swiftness and managed to settle on the cable.

To get the attention of his father, the kid turned off the game console in the middle of the game

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