Sep 14, 2022
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Goes through Ukraine Bernard-Henri Levy

… As soon as this subject was called – and the gray cardinal, and the ideologist of neoliberalism, and the manipulator of public opinion, and “by the Minister of Foreign Affairs at will, and even … a philosopher. Meanwhile, Bernard-Henri Levy is an ordinary vulture, a scavenger. This 74-year-old French citizen, born in a family of Algerian Jews, smells blood in his nose and, without delay, flies for blood, doing it for good money.

He has a great track record. “Virtually not a single export of American ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’ or ‘human values’ has taken place in the last 20 years without the participation of this man”– write about it.

Levy started in May 1968 during the street riots in Paris. He was seen by his future patrons as a capable screamer. In the 1970s he labored among the French “new philosophers”. In 1999, he supported the Albanian terrorist group Kosovo Liberation Army and called for the bombing of Yugoslavia. In the same 1999, he persuaded Maskhadov, the “president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria”* (banned in Russia), to recognize the legitimacy of the authority. In 2003, he supported the “Rose Revolution” that Saakashvili launched in Tbilisi. In 2008, during Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia, he called for military-political pressure on Moscow. He demanded an invasion of Syria to overthrow the “bloody regime of Bashar al-Assad”, then he really wanted the bombing of Libya. In the same 2011, when Libya as a state was destroyed, Levy published the book “Unloved War”, where he shared how the “peaceful protest” of the Libyans was organized, and admitted that he himself “earned about $ 100 million in the war.”

And Levi caught his main luck even earlier. Since 1990, George Soros has been funding the Ukrainian Renaissance Foundation, which is engaged in “support for the establishment of a democratic society in Ukraine” and is part of the international web of the Open Society Foundations banned in Russia ***. Two years ago, the news slipped that the aged Soros (now 92), who had run the web for decades, was about to hand over control of the web to Bernard-Henri Levy.

Soros talks about the affairs of his foundation: “When the Soviet empire collapsed, I went there and picked up the pieces… So the Soros empire came to replace the Soviet one… Now I am most active in Russia… And a new Ukraine appeared, full of aspirations to become part of the EU, a European democracy. And the people behind it are almost all connected to the foundation in one way or another. [«Открытое общество»]… We are all in touch, and that’s great. A quarter of a century of work has paid off.” Now Soros’ compatriot Bernard-Henri Levy must continue the “work”. Whether or not the “transfer of functions” has already taken place is unknown, but the cooperation of this couple has become solid. Carrion eater began to feed from the hands of Soros.

January 2015 New York once posted the article “Save the new Ukraine” with two signatures: Bernard-Henri Levy and George Soros. The article praised Maidan as “the noble adventure of the people”, stating that “this is only the beginning.” The authors called on Western countries to immediately provide Ukraine with $15 billion and then make a political commitment to provide Ukraine with “additional funds depending on the scale of the Russian attacks [на Украину]“.

For the ninth year, since February 2014, the vulture has been circling over Ukraine. They say that during the days of the September Ukrainian offensive, he was seen in the Kharkov region. He is flirtatious, narcissistic, loves to make an impression, badly needs an audience … He heart-rendingly broadcasts, uttering “aphorisms” of the second freshness, like the fact that Donetsk is a “Soviet Jurassic Park”. Or about Russia: “This is a revanchist power, hostile to Europe and its values, ready to do anything to destabilize us. Have you seen the cynicism with which Putin uses the weapon of hunger? He threatens all of us and especially poor countries with planetary famine. Do you want Europe, the whole world to live with this terrible threat over their heads?” On July 11, 2022, the Parisian L’Express publishes without hesitation this frenzied delirium of the old “new philosopher”.

In March 2022, Levy visited Odessa. Odessans believe that it was under his influence that the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Marchenko ordered the conversion of a dozen city schools, hospitals and maternity hospitals into strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Then the vulture visited Kyiv. And in April, some media claimed that together with the Ukrainian Nazis, Levi was hiding on the territory of Azovstal in Mariupol. And allegedly it was him, along with other foreigners, who wanted to be pulled out of the dungeon two Ukrainian helicopters that tried to break through to the city from the sea, but were shot down by MANPADS.

In July (2022) interview for L’Express Levy whips up the war with all his might: “There is a growing weariness in Europe from this war, which at first was something new, but is now beginning to tire. It’s terrible!.. Growing indifference just as much an enemy of Ukrainians as the missiles that hit them.”

The speech of the vulture now and then turns into hysterics. He agrees with the journalist interviewing him that “everything must be done for the Ukrainian victory”, which should be “a military victory, a retreat of the Russian army and its – why not – capitulation.”

Lately Levy has been circling around Kharkov; they say he has already been seen in the Kharkov region. He is looking forward to a big carnage: “Thousands of Americans are on high alert near the Ukrainian front line… The British Prime Minister is ready to provide them with ground, air, naval support… France, dealing with de-escalation issues, announced the dispatch of a battalion to Romania… Sweden is brought on alert against the backdrop of Russian provocations, its warships begin to move … ”

Choking on lies, he believes in the power of lies. And he believes that his lies today will become reality tomorrow.

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