Oct 18, 2020
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Glucose published a beach video from a vacation in the Maldives

13:03, 10/18/2020

The artist has once again demonstrated that she is in perfect physical shape.

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This summer, many stars of Russian show business were unable to relax at sea due to the coronavirus pandemic. But by the beginning of autumn, several artists at once made it to the Maldives. At first, Aiza Anokhina with her children and rapper Aljay with Nastya Ivleeva visited the heavenly place, and now the singer Glukoza flew there.

During the trip, Natalia Ionova does not forget about social networks. In her microblog on Instagram, the artist constantly posts photos and videos from her vacation. For example, today the artist showed subscribers how to wash in the shower on the beach. “I used to love summer, but then I realized that summer can be at any time of the year, if there were money. Now I love money, "Glucose quoted a joke in the Stories section (the author's spelling and punctuation are given unchanged hereinafter. - Prim. row.).

34-year-old Glucose published a beach video from a vacation in the Maldives

Natalia Ionova flew to rest with her husband Alexander Chistyakov. The couple have been together for 15 years. The artist married a businessman in 2006 after a year of dating. In 2007, the couple had a daughter, Lydia, and in 2011, a girl, Vera. The couple decided to name both daughters after their grandmothers. The daughters probably did not fly on vacation with their parents, since Glucose does not show them in the photo and video.

Recall that the eldest daughter of Natalia Chistyakova this year celebrated her 13th birthday. Now the girl is going through a difficult period. Lydia had to change school due to behavior problems. Also, the singer's daughter decided to pursue a musical career - she has already recorded her first song "Petard". For the performances, the girl, like her mother, chose a pseudonym - she will be called Lidus. “Lida had a very difficult year. She was kicked out of the school where she studied since kindergarten. She was kicked out for her character, for breaking the dress code, for being extraordinary. She studied well. They told us about it a week before the start of the school year. She was 12. Fortunately, a month later she was in the wonderful creative school of Sergei Kazarnovsky. Then there was a painful search for a "foothold", new friends, protests, insomnia, "- said Alexander Chistyakov in his microblog on Instagram.

Glucose with the eldest daughter Lydia

Natalia Ionova noted that she was very worried about Lydia's growing up and her experiments with appearance. The artist's daughter cut her hair short, changed its color and even decided on a small tattoo. Glucose wants to give her daughter the freedom to express herself, but she fears that experimenting with her appearance could harm Lydia's health.

The youngest daughter of Ionova and Chistyakov has not given them any problems yet. This year Vera celebrated her 9th birthday, in honor of which she organized a party with friends. Glucose sang for all the guests at the children's party. “Vera is an amazing girl, very purposeful and positive! Health and happiness, my dear! and we are always with my dad by my side, ”the singer said in her microblog on Instagram (the author's spelling and punctuation are given without changes hereinafter. - Prim. row.).

Glucose with her husband Alexander Chistyakov

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