Jun 8, 2022
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Glucose owes tens of millions by court order


The court exacted a huge amount of money from the singer Glucose and her husband.

The Moscow Arbitration Court recovered millions from the spouses for the debts of Sistema-A. The general director of the film studio, Sergei Lubinetsky, was also brought to subsidiary liability.

The fact is that Natalia (Glyuk’oZa’s real name) and Alexander Chistyakov have accumulated a debt due to the filming of the cartoon Savva. The Heart of a Warrior, filmed by producer Maxim Fadeev.

As follows from the published operative part of the court decision, the spouses and the general director of Sistema-A LLC Sergey Lubinetsky for three paid more than 19 million rubles in favor of Razverni LLC and more than 7 million rubles in favor of IP Galina Zherzdeva.

Singer Glucose - photo from the archive -
Singer Glukoza in a bodysuit – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Seven years ago, the Cinema Fund gave the film studio Glucose Production (now Sistema-A) 50 million rubles to rent the cartoon Savva. Warrior heart. Most of the allocated funds, and this is about 47 million, the company had to pay “Our Cinema” for the advertising campaign. But the film studio paid only 15 million, and transferred another 18 million to Chistyakov and his offshore company under imaginary obligations.

Due to the fact that the film studio owed a large amount of money to Nashe Kino, it was declared bankrupt. In addition, the court found that the Gluk’oZa project entered into a series of imaginary deals that allowed Chistyakov to withdraw about 95 million rubles more, RIA Novosti reports.

In 2019, the bankruptcy case was terminated, as the funds to finance the procedure ran out. At the same time, the singer’s film studio has not paid off several creditors to this day.

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